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National brain tumour research funding needs to increase to £35 million a year

Rob Delaney’s “unforgettable” book after losing son to brain tumour

A Heart That Works – the new book from American comedian, actor and writer, Rob Delaney – will be released on Thursday (20th October).

Rob’s “beautiful, bright, gloriously alive” son Henry was one when he was diagnosed with a brain tumour. He was just two when he died.

Featured in The Sunday Times and on Radio 4’s Today programme, A Heart That Works is an intimate, unflinching and fiercely funny exploration of loss – from the harrowing illness to the vivid, bodily impact of grief and the blind, furious rage that follows, through to the forceful, unstoppable love that remains.

Ahead of the book’s launch, Rob sent his love and thanks to Brain Tumour Research supporters.

He said: “It is almost certain that some readers of this will, like me, have lost a child to a brain tumour. This book is written out of love for them, but it will also paint a picture for friends and strangers who’d like to know what the death of a child does to a family. 

“Brain Tumour Research has been doing phenomenal work in search of treatment and a cure for many years. I’ve visited the Blizard Institute [the location of our Centre of Excellence at Queen Mary University of London] to learn more about their work and was astonished and grateful to see how many people are very hard at work trying to find ways to treat and perhaps one day cure brain tumours. Wouldn’t that be something? 

“I send my love and thanks to everyone supporting Brain Tumour Research and hope that my book offers solace and understanding to anyone who needs it.”

Hugh Adams, our Head of Stakeholder Relations, was able to read the book before its launch. He said: “The description of the unfolding of this devastation, that forever leaves Rob’s rainbow with a black band in it, is as unforgettable as it is moving – the visceral description of his grief screams out from the page. However, this book is also so full of love it is as if it feels warm to the touch and illuminates your face when you read it.”

Scriptwriter Russell T. Davies, whose husband Andrew died of a brain tumour in 2018 says of the book: “It is a gift, it's an immense piece of work. It's brilliant. It's needed, like a deep, physical draught of something strong and cold.”

Whilst television presenter, producer, novelist and comedian Richard Osman said: “What a read. Its beauty and pain and humour and anger will help many people. This is a beautiful monument.”

Rob is undertaking a short book tour this week. Tickets can be booked for Manchester on Wednesday here; London on Thursday here; and Edinburgh on Friday here.

A Heart That Works can be ordered online through various retailers by clicking here.

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