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Tessa Jowell Brain Cancer Mission

16,000 people every year are diagnosed with a brain tumour

The Tessa Jowell Brain Cancer Mission

The Tessa Jowell Brain Cancer Mission (TJBCM) was formed in February 2018, stimulated in large part by the efforts of Baroness Tessa Jowell during the last year of her life when she was living with a GBM brain tumour.

The Mission embraces the recommendations made by the Department of Health and Social Care’s Task and Finish Working Group into brain tumour research by developing a new national strategy for brain tumours.

Serving as a convening body, the Mission unites professional, patient, charity and Government groups to share information and work together to eradicate brain tumours. 

Key stakeholder organisations such as the NHS, the Department of Health and Social Care, Brain Tumour Research, The Brain Tumour Charity, brainstrust, Brain Tumour Support and Cancer Research UK, as well as academics and scientists, are all jointly working on the initiatives within the TJBCM.

Our Chief Executive, Sue Farrington Smith MBE, represents our community on the TJBCM Steering Group.

The work of the Tessa Jowell Brain Cancer Mission

The TJBCM is Chaired by Professor Richard Gilbertson and has arranged its work under four Strategic Programmes:

New Roads in Research

Engage world-leading neurological, developmental and systems biologists to spend time working on brain tumours, bringing in bright minds and ideas to cure brain tumours.

New Roads in Treatment and Trials

Support the Tessa Jowell BRAIN-MATRIX, a novel clinical trial which offers targeted treatment and non-standard treatment for brain tumour patients. 

New Roads in Training

Design and obtain funding for up to nine annual fellowships enabling newly qualified medical and clinical oncologists to specialise for a year in brain tumours.

New Roads for Patients

Elevate the minimum standard of care for brain tumour patients across the UK by encouraging the adoption of a multi-disciplinary team model, to ensure each patient is being treated by a collaborative group of specialists.

Ensure that as many patients as possible have access to a dedicated outpatient brain tumour clinic and are being operated on by surgeons who spend more than 50% of their time on neuro-oncology activities.

Encourage timely diagnosis for adults, exploring initiatives akin to HeadSmart that was established to improve early diagnosis for paediatric brain tumours. 


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