Sponsor A Day of Brain Tumour Research ... Together We Will Find A Cure

Sheila Hancock - Actor, Author, fomer Chancellor of the University of Portsmouth and an amazing Ambassador for us - launched our first Wall of Hope at the inaugural Brain Tumour Research Centre of Excellence in the University of Portsmouth in 2010. The Wall marked the launch of our mission to raise £7 million per year to fund seven 'Centres of Hope' across the UK to get closer to and ultimately find a cure for brain tumours. 

To find a cure for brain tumours will take years of research.
Research costs money. 

To sustain the long-term peer-reviewed research at our Centres of Excellence we need to continue to provide £1 million a year in funds per centre.

Over the course of the 365 days per year, that's a target of £2,740 per day.

£1 million a year pays for a team of researchers and support staff, headed by a research fellow.  It will also help supply all material needs, such as tissue culture plastic ware, molecular & chemical reagents, serum and assay kits.

Can you or your organisation help us? Could you
Sponsor a Day of research? 

In return, not only are you able to say you've supported one of the most valuable cancer research causes of the age, but you get your organisation's logo and/or your event name and/or your loved one's name will be displayed on a tile on the Wall of Hope.

You will also receive an engraved glass keepsake in recognition of your support which you can put on display.  You can even choose the special date that you would like to sponsor, which may have some particular significance to you or your organisation.

Personalised tile on Wall of Hope

Engraved Glass Keepsake

Why not sponsor more than one day? 

You could choose Brain Tumour Research as your Charity of the Year. If you succeed in raising £19,180 you could sponsor a week, with your logo appearing on each of the seven days.

Or sponsor a day a year?

If you run an annual event with proceeds going to Brain Tumour Research, your logo will appear on that date each year. 
If your sponsorship is in memory of a loved one, you can choose to sponsor a particular date each year, which may carry a personal significance to you and your family, such as their birthday.

Placing a tile on the Wall of Hope is often integrated with a guided tour of the laboratory facilities with one of the leading Neuro-oncologists from the team. Click here for confirmed dates of formal lab tours and list of dates where places are still available (numbers are limited to around 20 individuals per tour).    

Please Sponsor a Day or as many days as you can and help us to support sustainable programmes of brain tumour research at our Centres of Excellence.  Your help is urgently needed to improve treatments and ultimately find a cure for brain tumours.

For more information about sponsoring a day (or several days) of research and placing tiles on our Wall of Hope please contact us on 
01908 867200 or email supportercare@braintumourresearch.org


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