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National brain tumour research funding needs to increase to £35 million a year

Weekly pick of brain tumour research news from around the world

  • We start with news of a comparative analysis of the distinct immune landscapes of brain tumours. Looking at tumours side by side, the differences between primary and metastatic brain cancers, high-grade versus low-grade gliomas and among metastases originating from different primary sites, can be seen. Scientists hope the resultant data will be a very important resource for the brain tumour community to help advance the development of immune-targeted therapies.
  • Following clinical studies, industry results released this week look promising for Cellworks Singula™. “These studies demonstrate significant progress in the journey to increase survival rates for brain cancer patients, Cellworks Singula™ enables oncologists to deeply understand which therapies will be efficacious for individual GBM and LGG patients and to avoid prescribing ineffective therapies that waste precious time.” said the CEO of Cellworks.  
  • Brain tumours are a conundrum for the liquid biopsy field, providing both a clear opportunity — because of the difficulty and danger in obtaining tissue samples from the brain relative to other organs — but also a significant challenge, as research has shown that brain tumours seem to shed DNA into the blood at much lower rates and quantities than other cancers. This interesting piece, again following ASCO, looks at oncologists who are researching liquid biopsy technologies that could help them more easily and consistently analyse tumour genomics and monitor patients in ways that have so far been either difficult or impossible. 

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