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National brain tumour research funding needs to increase to £35 million a year

UK Brain Tumour Symposium 2017

The UK Brain Tumour Symposium 2017 taking place on the 12th of October was jointly organised by two game-changing national charities Brain Tumour Research and brainstrust, which supports people living with a brain tumour throughout the UK.  Leading experts from many areas of brain tumour research were brought together to show the progress that is being made on various fronts to improve outcomes for people living with a brain tumour.

Director of Research at Brain Tumour Research, Dr Kieran Breen, delivered an informative speech, updating the delegates on innovative brain tumour treatments from around the world, while Consultant Neurologist, Dr Robin Grant from the Edinburgh Cancer Centre focused his talk on the top 10 priorities for research.

Founder and Director of Services at brainstrust, Helen Bulbeck, spoke eloquently about living well with a brain tumour, improving quality of life and supportive care, while Head of Public Affairs at Brain Tumour Research, Carrie Hume, demonstrated how the charity is working with Parliamentarians to influence cancer policy at the highest levels to increase national investment for research into brain tumours.

This year’s inaugural Symposium was a great success bringing patients, carers, clinicians and researchers together and sharing knowledge and experiences. We expect this to become an annual event.