Leave more than memories. Leave HOPE.

Can you rewrite the future of brain tumour research? Consider leaving a gift in your Will to Brain Tumour Research.

By remembering Brain Tumour Research in your Will, you will leave a lasting legacy of hope for thousands of brain tumour patients and their families and support vital scientific research into finding a cure for this devastating disease. 

Your Will is an important way of looking after the future of your family and friends. Knowing that your loved ones’ future is secure is a great relief. But did you know that most charities wouldn't survive without gifts in Wills?

We understand that writing a Will can be an expensive and time-consuming activity, so we have teamed up with The National Free Wills Network to make it easier for you.

As a member of the National Free Wills Network, we are charged a discounted rate to be able to pay for a limited number of simple Wills to be written through participating solicitors, at no cost to you. Whilst there is no obligation to include a bequest to Brain Tumour Research, we sincerely hope that you will be able to do so in order to support long-term research at our UK Centres of Excellence.

Please contact us if you would like to benefit from this limited offer -- email legacy@braintumourresearch.org or call us on 01908 867200.

After you get in touch, you will follow this simple process to make your free Will:

  1. You will be sent a pack from the National Free Wills Network detailing your local participating solicitors.
  2. You choose which solicitor to make an appointment with and contact them, ensuring you mention the National Free Wills Network.
  3. You have your appointment with your chosen solicitor.
  4. Your will is written according to your instructions and you complete a confidential declaration form.
  5. Brain Tumour Research pays for your simple will at a discounted rate.

Writing your Will

When leaving a gift in your Will, we recommend you consult with a professional solicitor who carries the appropriate experience and formal advice regarding the writing of your Will and leaving a legacy to charity.

Please provide the following information to your professional advisor helping you to write your Will:

Our official charity name, address and registered charity number:

Brain Tumour Research 
Suite 3
Shenley Pavilions
Chalkdell Drive
Shenley Wood
Milton Keynes

Registered charity number 1153487 (England and Wales) SC046840 (Scotland)
Company limited by guarantee number 08570737

If you want to leave a gift to Brain Tumour Research but have already made a Will, it's not a problem – there are a couple of simple ways you can change that:

1. Create a new Will

The simplest way is to write a new Will -- once a new Will is written, it makes any Wills made by you in the past void. In fact, most Wills start by reciting that you're writing a Will and that you're revoking any previous Wills.

2. Codicils

A Codicil is a document used to change a Will that has already been made.

It allows you to make simple additions or amendments to existing Wills, such as changing the amount of a gift of money, or the addition of another gift, or even changing or adding executors.

This is all quite straight forward, but problems can occur if you ever want to cancel the Will in the future.

When you cancel a Will with a Codicil, the Codicil does not get cancelled automatically, so when you write a new Will it can create inconsistencies and legal problems.

If you choose to use a Codicil be very careful that next time if you make a new Will, it clearly states that you are revoking all Wills and Codicils previously made.

You can also make a Codicil with a Will-writing adviser.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.
Tel: 01908 867200 Email: legacy@braintumourresearch.org

Brain Tumour Research is part of Remember A Charity - a consortium of over 140 charities set up to raise awareness of the importance of having a Will and leaving gifts to charities. You can also visit their website for further information about making a Will and leaving a legacy.


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