Together we will find a cure Donate
Together we will find a cure Donate

20 for 20

Take on the 20 for 20 challenge!

Brain Tumour Research has joined forces with 19 lesser-known cancer charities to create an exciting 20-day fundraising challenge.

20 for 20 is all about challenging yourself, friends, family and colleagues in fun ways to raise money. Choose from a list of activities or create your own and complete them across 20 days.

Take part between the 20th September and 20th December and complete your challenges over 20 consecutive days or spread it over a few weeks – it’s up to you!

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How can you take part in 20 for 20?

Anyone can take part in 20 for 20 - get your loved ones or colleagues involved or go it alone!

Simply pick your challenge (or challenges) and choose when you’d like to do it.

Choose any challenge or activity you like. You could…

  • Create an exercise plan to complete 20 exercises over 20 days
  • Get creative and draw 20 pictures
  • Run for 20 minutes for 20 days
  • Try 20 new recipes 
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...or if you’re like Mema, one of our amazing supporters, you could think of numerous whacky challenges to keep things fresh, like fitting 20 olives in your mouth, or having a makeover carried out by your brother for 20 minutes!

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  • Images to promote your fundraising on social media
  • A FREE Brain Tumour Research t-shirt
  • A FREE medal in recognition of your achievement

Set up your JustGiving page, start fundraising and we will send you a FREE Brain Tumour Research t-shirt! Once you have completed your 20 for 20 challenge and raised over £100, you’ll also receive a FREE medal to recognise your amazing accomplishment.

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