Together we will find a cure Donate
Together we will find a cure Donate

Gifts in Wills

National brain tumour research funding needs to increase to £30-35 million a year

Why leave a gift to Brain Tumour Research in your Will?

We’re the only national charity in the UK dedicated to funding continuous and sustainable scientific research into brain tumours. We’re also a leading voice in this country and campaign for increased funding and support for research into this devastating disease.


Your Will is a really important way of looking after the future of your family and friends. Knowing that you’re providing for your loved ones’ futures is a great relief.  

Once you’ve thought of those closest to you, leaving a gift to Brain Tumour Research is a wonderful way to ensure that we can continue our vital work towards finding a cure for brain tumours.

Elizabeth Greenfield chose to honour the memory of her son, Martin, by leaving Brain Tumour Research a gift in her will:

"I was really keen to leave a gift to Brain Tumour Research, to ensure it can continue its vital work into finding a cure for brain tumours. Through my own devastating experience, I became aware of how tragically underfunded this branch of medicine is".

Whether or not brain tumours have touched your life in a personal way, leaving a gift in your Will to Brain Tumour Research will make a huge difference to help improve outcomes for all brain tumour patients in the future.

If you are leaving a gift in your Will to Brain Tumour Research, or even considering doing so, we would love to hear from you. Please email us on to share your story.

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