Together we will find a cure Donate
Together we will find a cure Donate


Up to 40% of all cancers spread to the brain


I have money that I have collected for Brain Tumour Research. What is the easiest way to get this to you?
How can I get a sponsorship form?
Is Brain Tumour Research registered in Scotland, NI and Wales, and has any of your funding gone to helping people affected by brain tumours outside of England?
I am holding an event for Brain Tumour Research – what literature can you provide?
How can my loved one be included in your in-memoriam listing in the Believe Magazine?
Can I distribute Believe magazine outside the UK?
I want to order multiple items from your eBay store, but have to pay multiple postage costs. Is there another way to order these items?
Will Brain Tumour Research patrons or celebrities attend fundraising events that I hold?
I see from the website that you are supported by a number of celebrities. Do you pay them for the work they do with you?
I want to raise money for your charity but am concerned that it will be used to pay hundreds of thousands of pounds for the salary of your Chief Executive?
What is your Equality Policy?
Can I volunteer for you if I live overseas?

Support and Diagnosis

I have been diagnosed with a brain tumour – can you help?
Can you offer me medical advice regarding the diagnosis of brain tumours?
What causes a brain tumour?
Are headaches a sign of a brain tumour?
Why isn’t there a cure for brain tumours?
How can I find out what brain tumour research is being undertaken?
I am a patient diagnosed with a brain tumour and am struggling to find a company to provide me with travel insurance – do you know anyone who can help?
Can I drive/be insured to drive a car if I have a brain tumour?
Can you provide financial assistance to help fund treatment or buy something that my loved one needs to cope with their brain tumour?
Is the Cancer Drugs Fund available outside of England?
Do mobile phones cause brain tumours?
How and where do I register my brain to be used for research?


Do you fund research into low-grade brain tumours?
Does your research involve animals?
Do you use cannabinoids in your research?
I’ve heard about clinical trials for brain tumour patients. How can I find out more and can I get on one of these trials?
Does Brain Tumour Research fund clinical trials?
How much does Brain Tumour Research invest in childhood brain tumour research?
Will Brain Tumour Research fund my brain tumour research?


Where are the statistics in your National Research Funding Reports from?
What needs to happen to improve outcomes for brain tumour patients?
What has the charity done to address the problem?
Hasn’t Cancer Research UK committed to supporting brain tumour research?
Hasn’t the Government been funding cancer research?
Why hasn’t research into brain tumours been funded enough?
Are you arguing that the better-funded cancers should lose money in order for investment in brain tumour research to rise?
Your 2020/21 petition which called for increased national investment into brain tumour research to £35 million a year achieved more than 112,000 signatures. Why have you launched another petition in 2023?

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