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Brain Tumour Research Petition Responses

Sign our petition calling for increased national investment into brain tumour research to £35 million a year

The biggest cancer killer of children and adults under the age of 40

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72375 responses

Carl Waring - Thu 25 Feb 2021

Steven Smith - Thu 25 Feb 2021

For a friend who suffered a brain injury also my mother in law suffered a life changing brain injury many years ago

Angela Morrison - Thu 25 Feb 2021

Daniela Mendes - Thu 25 Feb 2021

I am signing the petition as I lost my uncle to a brain tumour last year. He was a very healthy and strong man, the tumour came out of nowhere. If there is a way to cure this I think it should be foun ...

C Kay - Thu 25 Feb 2021

For Friends & Family

Marc Millon - Thu 25 Feb 2021

More research is needed to eradicate this dreadful disease that takes far too many people far too young.

Georgina Czornenkyj - Thu 25 Feb 2021

Close friend

Yvonne GROVER - Thu 25 Feb 2021

Because this is a illness that close to my heart

Jitesh Hirani - Thu 25 Feb 2021

My Nephew has a brain tumour and has made his life hell he is now semi paralysed on his left side if they has caught it earlier it would have not grown to the size of a tennis ball

Francis Lever Grecu - Thu 25 Feb 2021

Having had a brain tumor when I was little I know how lucky I was to survive thanks to great doctors who would not have been able to help had it not been for prior research. Therefore, I fully support ...

Mike Davies - Thu 25 Feb 2021

Victoria Parker - Thu 25 Feb 2021

Brain tumour survivor.

Tina Green - Thu 25 Feb 2021

To help research

Tess Hughes - Thu 25 Feb 2021

Husband's death was the cause of a brain tumor

Chloe Beer - Thu 25 Feb 2021

Kevin Alpin - Thu 25 Feb 2021

Emily Betteridge - Thu 25 Feb 2021

Gillian Hart - Thu 25 Feb 2021

Helen Thirlby - Thu 25 Feb 2021

A Brain tumour could happen to anyone of us. Some one I know has a child with a brain tumour and it’s heartbreaking seeing what they have to go through.

Tania Bird - Thu 25 Feb 2021

Andy Morrison - Thu 25 Feb 2021

Caroline Peckjo - Thu 25 Feb 2021

Jamie Harvey - Thu 25 Feb 2021

Debbie Stallard - Thu 25 Feb 2021

Brain Tumours are missed and still kill more children and adults under the age of 40 than any other Cancer. Promises have been made to increase investment in research but no funding seen to date.

Victoria Gordon - Thu 25 Feb 2021

My sister was diagnosed with a brain tumour & so little was known about it they weren't sure how to treat her! More research is needed!!

Lynne Joyce - Thu 25 Feb 2021

Sheila Stewart - Thu 25 Feb 2021

I lost my sister to a gioblastoma brain tumour in November 2019. Miss her every day

Robbie Hand - Thu 25 Feb 2021

Lucy Middlefell - Thu 25 Feb 2021

More research needed

Elizabeth Colson - Thu 25 Feb 2021

My friend is currently battling with terminal brain tumour. X

Brandon Kelso - Thu 25 Feb 2021

A very good friend lost his son to this horrible disease.

Maria Quinto - Thu 25 Feb 2021

Increase funding for brain tumour research is really necessary.. saving lives is always what we aimed to do yet there’s not much financial support to back up research therefore we’re not going to ach ...

Samantha Mccabe - Thu 25 Feb 2021

Our son was diagnosed with a brain tumour at 3years old. He now has life long disabilities that could have been prevented with more research!

Beryl Lane - Thu 25 Feb 2021

Husband had bad head injury. This research is definitely required.

Emma Hickey - Thu 25 Feb 2021

Feel it is needed. A friend's brother died of a brain tumour.

Jessica Verbruggen - Thu 25 Feb 2021

I have a pituitary tumour and feel more research needs to be done

Stephanie Thomson - Thu 25 Feb 2021

It is obviously of great importance.

Sarvat Shahid - Thu 25 Feb 2021

Jacqueline Strang - Thu 25 Feb 2021

My partner was lucky to have his brain tumour diagnosed early and had it successfully removed. It should be the same for everyone

Elaine Adams - Thu 25 Feb 2021

I am a Paediatric Speech and Language Therapist and as a profession we work with children who are impacted by brain tumours

Angela Jabarin - Thu 25 Feb 2021

a friend of a friend is affected

Stephanie Adamson - Thu 25 Feb 2021

Lesley Young - Thu 25 Feb 2021

Ann Nelson - Thu 25 Feb 2021

My Son is fighting his third brain Tumor, he stays very strong and brave, I am very proud of him.

Tom Anthony - Thu 25 Feb 2021

A close special person suffered with a brain tumour

Heather Alldis - Thu 25 Feb 2021

More help is needed to give brain tumour sufferers a chance to survive longer.

Lauren Mcclelland - Thu 25 Feb 2021

To raise awarness formthis disease

Kirsty Willis - Thu 25 Feb 2021

Alison Fernandes - Thu 25 Feb 2021

For my cousin

Mark McAdam - Thu 25 Feb 2021

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