Together we will find a cure Donate
Together we will find a cure Donate

Brain Tumour Research Petition Report

We are calling on the Government to Level Up and stop the devastation.

More than 100,000 people signed our petition demanding action. It’s time for a cure.

We call on the Government to:

  • Introduce a new levelling up brain tumour research fund of £105 million
  • Increase the national investment into brain tumour research to £35 million a year
  • Demonstrate joined-up thinking for investment across the brain tumour research pipeline

Research into brain tumours must not be left behind – the nation needs to Level Up and invest at least £35 million a year if we are to find a cure for brain tumours in the next 20 years.

Only by levelling up can we usher in the game-changing research that promises the hope so desperately needed for brain tumour patients and all those impacted by this devastating disease – the biggest cancer killer of children and adults under the age of 40.

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Amongst the passionate campaigners who signed the petition are:


The family of Shay Patel


“One of the hardest parts of Shay’s journey, was that we knew from the outset that we would lose him. Whilst we had hope of a miracle, there is no cure for such a tumour and there have been no breakthroughs in treatment for over 30 years.”

Read Shay’s story

Edward Ruggiero


“Some days it’s as much as I can do to get out of bed and that seems pitiful for a 33-year-old man at what should be the prime of my life. My brain tumour has robbed me of my career, my prospects and, ultimately, it will rob me of my life.”

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Pippa Simpson


“Since my diagnosis two people I know have also been diagnosed with brain tumours. This shocked me as I never realised how common brain tumours are in young people.”                                                       

Read Pippa’s story

The family of Blaise Nelson

“Much more research into brain tumours needs to be done. There’s an urgency for better treatments and for better diagnoses. We were never able to find out exactly what cancer Blaise had – maybe if we’d been able to, it would have helped him.”                                    

Read Blaise’s story

 Kelly Ann Alexander


 “I’m determined to make the most of whatever the future holds for me, my husband and my beloved horse. The uncertainty makes it very difficult for my mental health though, and I’m having to take things very slowly.”                                                                     

Read Kelly Ann’s story

The family of Finlay Church

Finlay Church

“Where is the investment and subsequent improvement in outcomes for patients with brain tumours? As we fought as hard as we could for Fin, we were sickened to learn that the treatment for brain cancer is antiquated and barbaric, as cruel as the disease itself.”

Read Finlay’s story


Sam Suriakumar


“When I first heard the words ‘brain tumour’ it felt like life had stopped and I was in a dark tunnel with no light. I couldn’t speak, hear or understand what was going on. To be honest, I am still trying to digest it and, as terrifying as things are, it will not defeat me.”

Read Sam’s story


The family of Stephen Realf


“When my son was diagnosed in 2008, his oncologist said: ‘who knows what we will know about brain tumours in 10 years’ time?’ This gave him hope; research gave him hope; he hoped things would change, improve, and save him. My hope for other families lives on through research.”

Read Stephen’s story

Ria Melvin


“I was diagnosed with a glioblastoma grade 4 brain tumour aged 23. I have been forced to fundraise and travel abroad to access treatment that the NHS cannot offer. Time for change is now.”                                                                                                               

Read Ria’s story

We received 112,260 signatures on our #BrainTumourPetition calling for increased national investment into brain tumour research to £35 million a year.

The petition is now closed, but you can help us keep the momentum going.

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson has already confirmed that he is “looking forward” to receiving the report from Derek Thomas MP, Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Brain Tumours, once it is “safe to do so”.

When this happens we will report on what the PM says on our Latest News page

The Petition Report has been delivered to every MP. As well as receiving this powerful document, we’d like every MP to receive an email from you, their constituent.

If you haven’t already engaged with your MP, please email them and ask them to read the report and pledge their support. Help with this can be found here.

You can find your MPs name and email address here: and please cc into any email so we can keep a record of which MPs have been contacted and actions taken.