Think lobbying, think awareness, think brain tumour research!

Working with Parliamentarians is key to raising awareness amongst the general 

public of the issues of brain tumours as well as influencing strategy at the highest level.

That’s why Brain Tumour Research treats lobbying and campaigning as a priority.

The Government and larger cancer charities should invest more in brain tumour research.

At the current rate of spend, it could take 100 years for brain tumour research to catch up with developments 

in other diseases and find a cure.

Treatments for brain tumour patients lag seriously behind other cancers.

The national investment in brain tumour research needs to increase to £30 to £35 million each year by 2020

Tackling the historic underfunding of brain tumour research

Our Tackling the historic underfunding of brain tumour research briefing to Parliamentarians called on the government to work with Brain Tumour Research to increase investment for research into brain tumours.

Brain tumour research needs to be at the same level as cancers such as breast and leukaemia in order to see the same advances in treatments.  

Following an e-petition signed by 120,129 people that called for £30 - £35 million per year to be invested into brain tumour research, the Government agreed that:

   1) More action was needed for brain tumour research
   2) Current funding for brain tumour research was not enough
   3) A group of experts (working group) would be created to address the problem

We will continue to work with Parliamentarians and the Government to increase brain tumour research funding!

Invest in a Cure

Our Invest in a Cure manifesto calls on governments throughout the UK to work with Brain Tumour Research and its partner organisations to:

   1) Shine a spotlight on research funding for brain tumours
   2) Incentivise treatment – Prioritise brain tumour patients
   3) Facilitate innovation – Ring-fence funds for brain tumour research

Engage your MP - To Invest In A Cure

An MP represents the interests of their constituents in matters for which Parliament or Central Government is responsible.  They can help their constituents regardless of whether you voted for them or not.  

An MP can raise matters in the House of Commons through

  • Parliamentary Questions
  • Adjournment Debates
  • Early Day Motions 

A Parliamentary Question takes the form of a written question to the appropriate government department. The answers to these questions are then published. They can also take the form of an oral question asked during an afternoon’s Question Time.

An Early Day Motion places on record an MP’s opinion on a subject and means they can canvass support from fellow members – it is a form of petition that MPs can sign.  Generally it is backbenchers that sign EDMs; ministers do not usually sign. An EDM signed by a large number of MPs – over 200 may be debated. A hundred signatures or more demonstrates significant support.

Many MPs hold surgeries in their constituencies.

  • Visit your MP at one of their surgeries or click here to find them online
  • Appraise them of the issues and our manifesto
  • Tell them your personal story
  • Email or ask your MP to sign any current EDMs
  • Email or ask your MP to become a member of the brain tumour All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG)
  • Provide them with copies of our stats reports
  • Please let us know the results of your discussions and forward copies of any correspondence

Pledge your support to lobbying with us by completing our online lobbying form. We will send you an information pack and keep you informed of our progress.

Remember, in the majority of cases it is only those that have been affected by a brain tumour that are motivated to do something about it and find a cure.

We need you to support our campaign and enlist the support of your own MP.

MPs get hundreds of requests each day from various charities but they do listen to their own constituents!

An MP is here to serve their constituents – please help us to use them!

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