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Together we will find a cure Donate

Our Trustees

Brain tumours kill more children and adults under the age of 40 than any other cancer

Brain Tumour Research trustees represent group charities uniting as a common voice.  Whilst maintaining their loyalties to the loved ones and charities that originally got them involved, they recognise the need to step us a level so that funding for brain tumour research is on a par with other cancers. 

Wendy Fulcher

Wendy Fulcher is Chair of Brain Tumour Research. Inspired by Neuro-surgeon Kevin O’Neill, Wendy founded the Brain Tumour Research Campaign in 2003 to fund research at Charing Cross Hospital in London.  A founder member of the Brain Tumour Research Group of Member Charities, Wendy has represented the group on many forums, and is currently a representative of the National Cancer Research Institute brain tumour group. Wendy lost her husband John to a grade IV astrocytoma in June 2001.

Nigel Boutwood

Nigel Boutwood has been at the forefront of brain tumour campaigning since 1993 when his son Charlie was diagnosed with a malignant medulloblastoma at the age of 20 months. Charlie’s treatment was successful and he is now approaching adulthood. Nigel remains passionate about giving something back to the brain tumour community and finding a cure for this dreadful disease. He is also Chairman of the charity Charlie’s Challenge.

Sandy Saunders

Sandy Saunders, President of the Board of Trustees, established The Diana Ford Trust in 2002 with other family members following the loss of his daughter Diana at the age of 38, to a grade IV glioblastoma multiforme. Diana's three sons were just seven, five and two. Sandy campaigned tirelessly for the formation of an alliance of brain tumour charities recognising the power of working together. In 2008, The Diana Ford Trust agreed to re-register as Brain Tumour Research and appoint new trustees from the membership. Two of the Diana Ford Trust’s three family trustees resigned to help facilitate the change. The move also allowed Brain Tumour Research to make use of the Diana Ford Trust’s cash deposits to fund the first stage of the new awareness campaign.

Rob Hughes

Rob Hughes worked at Mars for 32 years where he held numerous positions in Sales and Marketing for both their Pet Food and Food divisions. He was Managing Director of Mars Food in the UK  for 9 years and was a member of the Mars UK Board and the Mars European Food Board. Over the last three years he was a member and advisor to Business in the Community  ‘Health in the Workplace’ Leadership team.

Rob retired from Mars in May 2011. He is passionate about making a difference and is particularly interested in supporting the rehabilitation of children and young people with brain tumours, as well as raising brain tumour awareness and finding a cure. He is also the parent and charity representative on the NHS review of children’s neurosurgery. Rob and his wife, Carole, established Anna’s Hope, a member charity of Brain Tumour Research, when they lost their youngest daughter, Anna, to a brain tumour at the age of three years and eight months

Stuart McKay

Stuart McKay is a chartered accountant who has specialised in the charity sector for over eight years. Stuart joined the board of trustees in May 2012 and will help the charity improve its financial and governance procedures at it continues to grow and develop. Stuart has been supporting brain tumour charities since he learned of the low levels of research funding for the disease following his close friend's successful recovery from a tumour.

Stephen Painter

Stephen Painter recently retired from his work as a community pharmacist, a career that included senior management positions with Boots and Safeway before starting his own pharmacy business in Oxford. He was delighted to be asked to join the Board of Trustees to help with the work of the charity and understands the impact on families of severe illness having lost his son Mark, who suffered from cerebral palsy.

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