TOGETHER... we will beat brain tumours

Brain tumour research is woefully under-funded - your support is desperately needed and is very much appreciated by those working on behalf of brain tumour patients and those who are yet to hear the terrible diagnosis.

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A – Z of Fundraising

All Day Event Ask your local pub or sports club if they can arrange a 24-hour sponsored event such as darts, squash or bridge.
Auction of Promises Try to get people to donate a gift, the promise of their time or use of their belongings. You can even ask people to donate themselves as 'slaves for the day'!
Aerobics If you enjoy keeping fit - or want to start - why not get people to sponsor you over a certain time?
Art Gallery Gather various mediums of art work and create a wonderful gallery for visitors to come and see. Charge a small entrance fee and some works could be auctioned at the end.
Angling competition Participants pay to enter. Prizes for the biggest fish caught, most fish caught and a booby prize for the most unusual item caught.
Barn Dance Charge an entrance fee for an evening of entertainment and dancing.
Big Bike Ride Hire a bike that seats 24 and ride around town for sponsorship monies.
Bring a Pound to Work Simply ask your colleagues to each bring a pound into work in aid of the charity you are raising money for.
Barbecue Hold a charity barbecue and charge people to come to your party.
Book Sale Dig out all those old books and have a book sale at home or at work.
Bingo Hold a local bingo evening in your village hall or offer to host one at an old people’s home for a nominal fee.
Bonny Baby Competition Get everybody in the work place, school or group to bring in a photograph of when they were a baby. Try and match the name with the face.
Bridge Evening The entrance fee could include a light supper or nibbles and a glass of wine.
Burns Night Get your local Scottish residents to help catch the haggis!
Canteen Cash Ask if your canteen will do a special lunch and donate £1 per meal to charity.
Concert Hold a pop or traditional concert in a community location and invite as many people as possible.
Car Boot Sale Fetch all those unwanted items stashed in the back of cupboards or in your loft and sell them at a car boot sale.
Coffee Morning Get all your friends together and have a coffee morning, it's a great way to catch up on all the gossip!
Competition Hold a competition at work, at home or at a club.
Charge for Favours Every time someone asks if you would do a favour, charge him or her.
Copper Snaking Ask everybody you know to donate their 2p pieces, if you can grow your snake to 30m long, you will have raised £25.
Car Washing Offer to wash your family, friends and neighbours cars for them.
Carol Singing Join in with others in the Spirit of Christmas and go carol singing.
Collections Bucket collecting (with prior permission) at various events such as your local supermarket, annual pantomime or even your train station, being in fancy dress or bright colours heightens the awareness.
Corporate Sponsorship Ask your local company to pay to have their name on your t-shirts or in your programme of events.
Cinema Screening Could your local cinema be persuaded to do a preview for the Charity? Increase the price ticket by £1 - £2. Have a display in the foyer.
Celebration Donation If you are celebrating a happy occasion and no longer need gifts of woolly jumpers or bottle of perfume, simply ask your guest if they would donate the equivalent cost of a present to charity and do somebody else a good turn.
Cracker Race See who can eat the most amount of dry crackers in a specified time. Just make sure there is plenty to drink afterwards!
Christmas Cards Buy Brain Tumour Research Christmas Cards or order through Charity Choice
Cheese & Wine Evening Create your own marriage creations of cheese and wine like port and stilton, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cheddar, Brie and Chablis!
Christmas Concert Join together song, poetry and music for a wonderful atmospheric evening in a local church followed by mince pies and mulled wine.
Dinner Dance Have a band, good food, organise a raffle and/or an auction.
Dry Cornflakes Set up a line of people and bet who will finish their bowl first.
Disco Organise a disco or 70's night - with fancy dress!
Dress Down Day Ideal if you work in an office environment where your colleagues might be keen for an opportunity to work in jeans.
Darts Tournament Charge an entry fee, have a raffle and refreshments. Make it fun - ladies versus, left handed throws only etc.
Dance Marathon Boogie all night long and see how much you can raise.
Dog Walking Get your neighbours to pay you to take the doggies for walkies.
Drawing Competition Charge an entry fee and then ask a local celebrity to judge the competition.
Duck Race A duck race is a fun event for all the family and very easy to organise. Find a stretch of flowing river and sell each duck for a minimum of £1. Start the race and wait to see who wins. Please remember Health & Safety!
Easter Egg Hunt/Party Charge an entry fee and ask local companies to donate the egg prizes
E-Bay Gather all of your old unwanted items from the roof and auction on e-bay donating anything from 10% – 100%. Visit
Egg Rolling Competition See who can roll their egg the furthest without cracking it.
Expert talk Use an expert or well-known personality prepared to donate their time. Charge admission, have a break to sell refreshments and auction their latest book, invention or autograph.
Fancy Dress Car Wash Ask everyone in your street if you can wash their car - dressing up in a zany outfit makes it more fun.
Football Tournament Organise a team tournament with an entry fee per team and do a bucket collection at half time.
Film Show For a bunch of friends in a living room, or a group of people in a village hall, charge an entry fee and sell refreshments.
Fun Run organise your own; you decide the venue and the distance. Try to get a local personality to compete or start the event off. Or, if you do not have time, simply book a place in an officially organised event and ask friends for sponsorship.
£5 into £50 Give friends or volunteer fundraisers a sum of money (£5) and a time limit (three months) to increase this by devising a money-generating activity. Ideas include: planting vegetable seeds and selling produce; baking and selling cakes; backing the Derby winner; investing. Award prizes for the most ingenious idea.
50:50 club Get everyone to donate £1 a month (by standing order if possible). Each month hold a draw when someone wins half the total raised. No licence is required - you just need to ensure at least half the money goes back into prize money.
Garden Party Sell homemade cakes and sandwiches to friends and family and enjoy an afternoon in the sun.
Golf Day Get a golf club to sponsor the event for you, invite club members and local businessmen for the tournament. Organise a raffle and auction in the evening as well.
Grow Your Own Buy a packet of seeds and grow your own plants then have plant sales and watch your profits grow!
Go Without Give up something you would really miss, like sweets or TV & get people to sponsor you for each day that you manage to go without.
Guess What? Guess the weight, height, length, how many??
Greek night   Have a smashing time and lay on Greek food, wine, dancing and of course plate smashing in your local village hall.
Halloween Ball Sell tickets to a fancy dress ball or party.
Head Shaving Only for the very self confident! Be sponsored to shave all your hair off, not a good idea for the winter months!
Horse Riding Hold a sponsored horse ride in local area of interest with permission of course.
Head and Tails Auction Good to do at a dinner evening. Get everyone to stand up and pass a bucket around collecting people's change (although encourage £5 notes). Everyone decides whether they're heads or tails by putting a hand on their head or their bottom. Flip a coin on stage and announce the results. Those who get it wrong sit down. Continue until only one person is left. Winner gets a prize.
Happy Holiday Ask your boss if they would donate a days holiday as a raffle prize. Ask colleagues for £5 a ticket for the chance of a day off and pick a random winner.
Ice Skating Get people to sponsor you for how many times you can go around the ring without falling over.
Ice Cream How much ice cream can you eat in a minute? Ask people to sponsor you and find out.
Indulgence Evening Gather a group of friends and indulge yourselves for the evening in chocolate heaven or a glass of the finest wines.
It’s A Knockout Host your own team or company It’s A Knockout competition.
Jumble Sale People love a good rummage and it's always a good fundraiser.
Job Swops Sponsor the boss to do the post run and the receptionist to work in the marketing department for a day.
Jazz Night Hold a night of Jazz and Swing and charge an entry fee for refreshments and entertainment
Jigsaw Puzzling Hold a timed competition to see how long it takes to complete a 500, 1,000 and 2,500 piece jigsaw puzzle.
Karaoke Evening Ask a local pub to host a Karaoke night for you and charge people an entrance fee and/or take part.
Keep Fit-A-Thon Get sponsored for each hour or each session of keep fit you manage to do.
Kiss-a-thon Get paid to get kissing!
Lunch Money Ask all your colleagues to bring in sandwiches for their lunch and donate the money they saved to charity.
Lunchtime Quiz Stimulate the mind before heading back for the afternoon slog. Get together teams and charge to take part.
Letter Party Pick a letter from the alphabet and base everything around that letter, colour, dress code, food, drinks and music.
Lift Those Legs Ditch the lift for a week and be sponsored to take the stairs. You will feel so much better for it at the end as well.
Match the Pet to the Owner Competition Ask your colleagues to bring in one photo of themselves and one of their pet. Charge people £1 a time to match up all the photographs.
Murder Mystery Evening In the kitchen with the spanner, organise an evening of mystery with a prize for the super sleuth who guesses correctly.
Masked Ball Everyone wears a mask of his or her choice. Have a competition to guess who's who.
Matched Giving After any fundraising or sponsored event, ask your employer to match the money you have already raised, double your cash!
Market Stall Book a pitch at your local market. Sell fruit and vegetable from your garden or unwanted items from your home.
Master Classes Are you good at something? Why not organise a small class to show other people how to do it? Charge people a fee.
Memory Meal Transport yourself back to the 70s, 60s, 50s or the 40s. Dress in the style of the day and try to cook some dishes of the day.
Night In Stay in on a Saturday night and the money you save, donate to Brain Tumour Research.
No Smoking Get people to sponsor you for giving up cigarettes.
No Drinking Revitalise your body and give up the bottle for a few weeks - ask people to sponsor you.
Non Uniform Day Pay £1 to go to work dressed in your casuals, or better still, be sponsored for the wackiest clothes you can find to wear to work.
Open Day If you have a colourful garden, let all those garden lovers come and admire, for a charge.
Online Giving Set up a just-giving page at then email the link to all your friends and they can sponsor you online.
Old for New Fashion Show Gather old clothes which are worn out or out of fashion and design something new and ultra modern from them. Show off your handiwork!
Odd Job Day See if you can help somebody out and do a good turn for a few extra pennies.
Outgrown Exchange A sale of children's clothes, books or toys.
Office Olympics Try your hand at speed typing, synchronised chair swivelling or fast letter franking, there are numerous events to compete to become the Office Olympics Champion.
007 Hold a James Bond theme evening complete with a stunning casino and a Vodka Martini, shaken not stirred of course.
Publicity Send a press release to all your local papers asking for sponsorship from companies and individuals.
Photography Competition Invite your friends to get their baby photos out and pay £1.00 a go to 'guess the baby'.
Pumpkin Ball Hold a wonderful Halloween themed ball and invite all the local dignitaries and companies from the area.
Pet Show Organise a village pet show for cats, dogs, guinea pigs etc, Charge a small entrance fee to each class and have the best kept, most clever, and most obedient categories etc.
Parachute Jump Contact your local Parachute club and ask if you can do a sponsored jump for charity.    
Pamper Evening Invite local therapists to come along for the evening and for a small fee.
Quiz Nights Always a favourite whether it is at home at work, in a club or in your local. Charge people to take part.
Question of Sport All you sports fanatics, make up your own questions and test your friends' knowledge.
Quintessentially British Day Get the tea and scones out and celebrate Britishness for the day. Ask for an entry fee. Give prizes for the best fancy dress.
Race Night Hold a race night in aid of Brain Tumour Research.
Recycle Recycle unwanted mobile phones and ink cartridges to raise extra funds.
Record Breaking Become a Record Breaker by balancing on one leg, or eating baked beans with a cocktail stick!
Raffle Hold a raffle in the work place from donated gifts and charge £2.50 a ticket with a guaranteed prize.
Radio Campaign Ask your local radio station to help by broadcasting appeals or adopting Brain Tumour Research for a Christmas appeal.
Second Class Friday Post sent first class on a Friday will arrive at its destination on Saturday morning, but most businesses are closed and therefore will not be opened until Monday morning. Get permission for your mail room to downgrade all first class post to second class on a Friday and give the money saved to charity.
Shocking Sock/Tie day Those who take part are asked to donate £1, those who don't pay a forfeit of £2.
Snack Attack Everyone gets peckish in the middle of the morning, so hold a cake or biscuit sale.
Smarties Give your friends, family and colleagues a tube of smarties and (once they have eaten them) ask them over a period of weeks to fill the empty tube with £1 coins and give it back to you - you will be surprised how much a tube can hold!
Sponsored Events Bike Ride, walk, silence, swim, slim, quit smoking etc.
Stand Up Bingo Sell bingo cards around the room, each with one number on it. Ask all the participants to stand up. Spin the balls and when a number is called that person has to sit down. The last one standing scoops the prize. Good for dinner dances.
Supermarket Trolley Dash Arrange date with manager and sell tickets beforehand. Winning ticket 'dashes' through the store grabbing as much food as possible. Money to pay for goods has to come from proceeds.
Swap Shop You may not like filing or doing those chores around the house. Ask your friends to pool the things they hate doing and get everyone to bid for the ones they would like to do.
Swear Box Money forfeit for every naughty word said.
Sweepstake Run a sweepstake on how many times your boss gets a cup a tea or how many times your colleague leaves their desk during the day. £1.00 to have a go. If you want something bigger have a sweep on a national event such as the Grand National, Christmas No1, and Strictly Dancing Champion!
Swim-A-Thon Approach your local sports centre and organise a sponsored Swim-A-Thon.
Swishing Join the global phenomenon and start "Swishing".  Organise a party for friends and colleagues and swap your unwanted quality fashion items.  Just ask for a donation from those attending.  See for more information.
Treasure Hunt A challenge event for people, and a fun way to raise big money.
Theme Days/Nights Jazz up the winter months and hold a themed event.
Tombola Get some raffle tickets and persuade your friends and colleagues to donate prizes.
Tournaments Organise a tournament of your favourite sport and charge an entry fee per team. Ask local companies to donate small prizes for the best teams etc.
Twenty Four Hour Fast See what you can go without for a whole day, sweets, television fizz, the list is endless.
Tug-of-War Challenge local teams and companies to take part and become the Tug-of-War Heroes.
Teddy Bears Picnic Charge for entry and organise a clown, face painters etc.
Theatre Preview Could your local theatre or amateur dramatics society be persuaded to do a preview in aid of the Society?
Triathlon Organise a place in your local triathlon or book a place in the London Triathlon. Ask friends to sponsor you.
Through The Keyhole Who would live in a house like this? You and your colleagues take a photo of your homes and then guess who lives where?
University Challenge Collect together teams who attend the same or nearby universities and hold a challenge to see which university comes top.
Unwanted Gift Sale Your unwanted gifts could be somebody else’s treasure.
Underwear Out Wear your underwear on the outside for a day, ask your friends for sponsorship. Make sure it's clean!
Underground Pub Crawl Follow one of the Tube lines, visit pubs en route and do a collection.
(Down) Under Day Celebrate all things Australian, hold a BBQ and ask everyone to dress up like surfers or beach babes. Ask friends to pay an entry fee.
Variety Show Round up your talented friends and tread the boards, charging for admission.
Valentine Speed Date Evening Make sure nobody is left out for the big evening and make sure everybody has somebody.
Virtual Challenge Swim the Channel, climb Mount Everest or cycle the Tour De France, all without leaving your local gym.
Wine Tasting Invite an 'expert' or local wine dealer to bring along a few cases of wine and donate some of the proceeds to charity.
White Elephant Stall Clear the shelves of clutter and try and make a few pounds in the process.
World Food Night Gather a group of friends and charge to visit each others house for a different course of a meal from a different country from around the world.
Wishing Well Ask a local garden centre to host a wishing well for charity
Wage A Way Donate just one day's pay and ask your employer to match your donation. Try to get the whole department to do the same.
Whacky Races Organise your own unique race albeit with snails, sheep, toy cars, even crawling babies (with parent’s permission of course!)
X-Files Party Have a mystery evening in the X-files style
X Marks the Spot A very popular treasure hunt game.
Yankee Doodle BBQ Everything from the USA, hold a traditional American BBQ with flags, food, clothes and music.
Yorkshire Pudding Aunt Bessie makes the best, see how many you can eat. Get your friends to run a sweepstake.
Zebedee Lookalike Party For all you Magic Roundabout fans.
Zombie Party Perfect for Halloween or dust that old Thriller CD off and have some spooky fun.
Zany Tie Day Charge a £1 to wear a crazy tie to work and charge £2 for all those who don’t bother to join in the fun.
Zodiac Reading Ask a local astrologist or psychic to hold a reading evening and charge your guests for a personal reading.

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