The Robin Menary Foundation

The Robin Menary Foundation was set up by Nikki Boyd (Robin's sister), their mother, Paddy Menary, and their uncle, Terry Collins, following Robin's death, in August 2011, leaving his wife, Catherine, and whole family devastated.  When Robin was diagnosed with a grade IV glioblastoma multiforme he was a strong, healthy, happy and very sporty 36 year old, looking forward to the birth of much longed for twins.  He died just 17 months later when his beautiful babies, Rory and Rachel, were just 15 months old. 


It was always Robin’s intention to raise funds for brain tumour research when he was well again and his family are determined to do this in his memory. It is this which keeps them strong despite the unbearable grief.  It is their dearest wish that someday someone diagnosed with this type of tumour will be told they can be cured. 


Read Robin's story.


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