The Hope Tree - Brain Tumour Research Christmas Appeal


This Christmas, Bethany and Chloe are asking everyone to take part in the Brain Tumour Research Hope Tree Appeal in memory of their dad, Steve.

Dear Dad,

We’re getting ready for Christmas again but it’s still really sad you’re not here with us. We miss you so much. 

You and Mum were always honest about your brain tumour but we hated seeing you go through that horrible illness and we will never get over the shock of losing you. We love and miss you every day, especially on birthdays and at Christmas. 

We’ve also been thinking of all the other children who have lost a mum or dad or someone important to them to a brain tumour and we really hope there will be a cure someday soon, so that other families don’t have to be sad like we are. 

We love and miss you Dad and always will. 

Bethany & Chloe 

Read Steve's full story here. 

Share your message of hope

Please help decorate our Hope Trees this Christmas. Each of our research Centres of Excellence will display a Christmas tree adorned with your personalised baubles.

Every year, the Hope Trees become inspirational symbols of hope. Seen by scientists, staff and general public alike, they serve as a poignant reminder of why the work we fund is so vital.

Take part this festive season -- make a donation and leave your message on our JustGiving page. We will write this on a bauble and make sure it is hung on the tree at your centre of choice – please don’t forget to specify which. 

Suggested Donation Amounts

£10 - Could equip a PhD student to carry our vital cell experiments

£25 - Could pay for a researcher to study the genetic properties of a tumour sample, paving the way for personalised treatments

£50 - Could help a Senior Research Fellow publish a paper, helping put more pieces of the jigsaw in place


Together we will find a cure. 

Please note: all donations and messages recieved after December 18th will be hung on the Hope Tree at Brain Tumour Research HQ. 









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