We understand the power of statistics.


That's why we leave no stone unturned when it comes to the latest analyses surrounding the devastating impact of brain tumours in the UK.

Statistics Report Composition Brain Tumour Research 2013The statistics we have unearthed speak for themselves. Something has to be done. Too many people are being faced with the devastating diagnosis each year - brain tumours kill more children and adults under the age of 40 than any other cancer and five-year survival remains low at just 19.8%. We need your help in raising the significant funds required to bring the research forward, identify the causes, advance the right treatments and ultimately find a cure for brain tumours. Please see our latest full report for the official sources of our statistics.

  • More children and adults under the age of 40 die of a brain tumour than from any other cancer
  • 71% of brain tumour deaths occur in those under 75 compared to 47% for all other cancers
  • Just 1% of the national spend on cancer research has been allocated to brain tumours

We are calling on the government, large cancer charities and the general public to significantly increase the investment into brain tumour research by a factor of 10 and give hope to the thousands of families devastated by the diagnosis of a brain tumour each year.

We are also calling on the government to extend the reach of the national cancer register to include all research grants and research work into all cancers across the UK, including brain tumours.

  • 16,000 people each year are diagnosed with a brain tumour
  • Up to 40% of all cancers eventually spread to the brain
  • Brain cancer incidence is actually rising: 23% higher for men and 25% higher for women in 2012 than in 1970
  • Brain cancer deaths are rising, unlike most other cancers - these rose 10% for women and 15% for men from 1970 to 2011
  • Less than 20% of those diagnosed with a brain tumour survive beyond five years, compared with a 50% average for all cancers
  • 58% of men and women diagnosed with brain cancer die within a year compared to 5% for breast cancer, 35% for leukaemia and 7% for prostate cancer
  • Brain tumours kill more children than leukaemia or any other cancer
  • Brain tumours kill more women under the age of 35 than breast or any other cancer and 65% more women than cervical cancer
  • Brain tumours kill more men under the age of 45 than prostate or any other cancer
  • Brain tumours are responsible for over 20 years of life lost


Additional facts:

  • With more than 120 different types of tumour, brain tumours are a notoriously difficult disease to diagnose
  • Brain tumour research is woefully under-funded and treatments lag seriously behind other cancers
  • Our understanding of other cancers does not readily translate to brain tumours
  • Patient personality changes that can occur as a result of a brain tumour cause massive family disruption
  • The commercialisation of universities and introduction of performance grading to determine funding, along with the merger of larger cancer charities focused on more pervasive cancers, has dramatically reduced the funds available for brain tumour research
  • Much more research is needed to discover the cause of brain tumours and to understand their behaviour


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