Sam O'Callaghan 

Toddler Sam’s morning vomiting was initially put down to a stomach bug but within weeks an MRI scan revealed he had a brain tumour. He underwent multiple surgeries and gruelling chemotherapy treatment. Accompanied by mum Fiona, father Eoin and brother Luke, Sam received NHS-funded proton beam therapy in America. Despite the efforts of medical teams on both sides of the Atlantic and the love and support of his family, Sam passed away at home in May 2014. He was just five years old.

“We were told our precious toddler had a mass on his brain and needed surgery. It was horrifying. We signed consent forms knowing that Sam might not survive the surgery or could be left with permanent disabilities. If we didn’t sign he would die anyway. There was no choice to make. Sam’s condition was deteriorating so rapidly that within the space of a few days of his first symptoms he could no longer get out of bed.” Sam’s mum Fiona tells his story…


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