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Together we will find a cure Donate


FAQs for new Centre of Excellence

What is a Centre of Excellence?
What is the duration of the award?
What is the value of the award?
Can the application be a collaboration of several universities?
Can international groups be included as part of the application?
Will you be funding just one Centre, or could there be funding for more?
Who can apply to be the lead of the Centre?
Can we apply as co-applicants?
What review criteria will you use to assess the applications?
Are you interested in research addressing a particular type of brain tumour?
Will multidisciplinary applications be more favourably reviewed?
Will you accept non-hypothesis driven applications?
What will not be considered?
Can we apply if we are already a Centre supported by, or have substantial funding from another funder?
Can core funded institutions apply?
What costs can we request as part of the application?
What does a rich training ground mean?
What partnership with the host institution is expected?
Can more than one application be submitted from the same institution?
Is patient involvement required?
Should I include inflation when I calculate my costs?
Can I include costs for career development and transferable skills training on grant applications?
Do you pay indirect costs?
Can I request recruitment costs as part of my application?
Can I claim my salary as a PI or co-applicant?
Do you pay international tuition fees for PhD studentships?
How will you take into account any impact to research activities by Covid pandemic?
Will the current Centres be reviewed alongside applications for a new Centre?