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Most of the fundraising events people hold for us come about because of personal experiences with or connections to someone who has been affected by a brain tumour. It’s these stories which when featured in local news truly inspire people to donate and motivate others to get involved and help fund the fight.

No matter where you’re based, the local media are always interested in a good news story where an individual or group has raised money for vital research.

So here are some templates for use in getting your message out there to the media. Each PR template comes with guidance on how to complete and send to the local media. Simply edit and delete where indicated, then save and send to your local newspaper, TV or radio station. A quick search on Google should help you find the relevant contacts for media in your area.



In Memoriam/Inspired by: Use these templates if your fundraising is either in memory of a lost loved-one, or inspired by somebody who has been affected by a brain tumour. Pre-event / Post-event

Patient: Use this template if you are receiving treatment for/have been affected by a brain tumour. Pre-event / Post-event

Please redad the top tips below and don’t hesitate to get in touch via email or call us on 01908 867200 should you need any more information about regional media.  


Top Tips

We value your support in helping us to fund the fight as we work together to find a cure for brain tumours.      

  • Personalise the templates to create your unique press release and send to your local media including regional and local newspapers, TV and radio stations and programmes, workplace newsletter or intranet and even the parish news;
  • Don’t forget to include the “who, what, when, where and why” of your event, acknowledging those involved and include a high-quality photo where possible – ideally the image should be at least 1MB (most smart phones / tablets with cameras will produce sufficiently good quality images so long as they are supplied at maximum quality). Where appropriate, detail the name of the photographer so this can be credited;
  • Many of our supporters are inspired by a family member or friend who has been affected by a brain tumour, please seek their consent if this is the case and you intend to mention them in the press release;
  • When you are ready to send, save and re-title your document to capture the location and flavour of your event.

Please let us know when and where your press release is used, let us have a cutting (or a scan/photo of it) if possible, and send us your best photos/video as we may be able to use them in our own publications or online. And share, share, share on social media. You can connect with us via the social media links on our home page.  

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