Pamela Rawnsley

Jeweller and silversmith Pamela Rawnsley was struck down with a glioblastoma multiforme brain tumour and died at the age of 62, 99 days after diagnosis. Widely considered to be at the height of her creative powers with much more to give, Pamela’s work was inspired largely by a reaction to places and she loved the wildness of the landscape and the weather in the Brecon Beacons where she lived and worked.

“Brain tumours, it seems, are a unique enemy. They appear to be unprovoked. They can be dissembling, insidious, masters of disguise. Their forces come in a complex variety of forms. When attacked, they can retaliate at once with sometimes overwhelming power. They move fast, often unpredictably. They are equipped with impressive layers of armour. They pick out children. They have terrible weapons that we struggle to match. Their numbers are growing. Doesn’t it shame us that we fail to meet this unique enemy on equal terms?” Pamela’s husband Matthew tells her story…


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