Together we will find a cure

Our Christmas Wish

Katie Milliken


“I would do anything I could to make my daughter better but the sad truth is that there is no cure. Our only hope is that there will be a breakthrough in research which will lead to better treatments and, ultimately, a cure,” – Katie’s mum 

Katie was just a toddler when she was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour.

Now 11, she has endured years of operations, chemotherapy and other invasive treatments, as well as countless hospital visits. Despite all this, she is looking forward to Christmas at home in East Renfrewshire, with her family.

Sadly, the future for Katie is far from clear. Her tumour is deep in the middle of her brain which makes it inoperable. The treatments have left Katie with irreversible changes such as poor co-ordination and balance, she can no longer run properly and has had to learn to write with her left hand. 

Katie’s family are launching a Christmas appeal to help find a cure for brain tumours.

Donate below to help make Katie’s family’s Christmas wish come true.

Katie with her family

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