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High profile individuals recognise that increased funding for brain tumour research is crucial

Brain Tumour Research is backed by a number of celebrities, many of whom have themselves suffered the trauma of a brain tumour, or have witnessed the devastating effects on a loved one.

“It is important to me to share Paul’s story because I want to help other people. Paul was one of those people who genuinely lit up a room when he walked in and I want people to know how this cruel disease stripped him of everything within a few short weeks to the point where he collapsed on the bathroom floor and I held him as he wept and asked me what was happening to him."

- Debbie McGee

Paul Daniels story, as told by his wife Debbie...

“To have lost my mum thirty years ago, and, more recently, my stepmother, it is disheartening to hear that not much has changed. More research is needed so fewer lives will be devastated by this dreadful disease. I want to see a day when cancer is no longer life-threatening, when the notion that cancer could be a killer is thought absurd.”

 - Sarah Beeny

Sarah tells her mum's story...



“Nan was the rock of our family…by the time they confirmed it was a brain tumour, there was nothing anyone could do…things happened so quickly. As soon as we got the diagnosis, she went downhill. It was like Nan just wasn’t there anymore. She couldn’t even talk really.”

- Kady McDermott

Kady tells her Nan's story...



“I find the situation with the underfunding of brain tumour research really surprising. Brain tumours kill more children and adults under the age of 40 than any other cancer, but don’t get anything like the research funding they need. It’s shocking. Whenever I tell people, they can’t believe it.”

- Stephen Jones OBE

Stephen lost his friend, pioneering fashion stylist Dizzy Downes, to a brain tumour in 2006. Stephen tells Dizzy's story...


“Treatments lag seriously behind other cancers and I am joining the call to government to extend the reach of the national cancer register to include all research grants and research work into all cancers across the UK, including brain tumours.”
 - Ann Widdecombe


"Brain Tumour Research's Wear A Hat Day is an excellent initiative; fashion is a feeling and a mood and therefore how best to express your passion and commitment to a subject such as brain tumour research than by wearing a fantastic hat. It immediately creates a statement and it doesn't matter what the hat is or how much it costs; everybody who gets involved will feel a million dollars on the day, whilst also raising much needed research funds and awareness."
 - Philip Treacy

"Having been through the trauma personally of two brain tumours myself, might I take this opportunity to point out the huge difference that charities like Brain Tumour Research can make. Brain tumour research and treatment is crucial and the funding of this needs to be raised significantly. Please help the support of this valuable charity."
 - Russell Watson

"The diagnosis of a brain tumour is devastating. But if a tumour is found in time and you are given the right treatment, you can survive and live life to the full. This can't be left to luck or chance. We need to understand more about brain tumours and research must be better funded so that they are diagnosed quickly and everyone gets the best treatment."
 - Martin Kemp

"When you hear the words `your child has a brain tumour' it is a nightmare. There are so many questions, and too few answers. We have got through it, but many families do not. If more children are to survive rather than become bleak statistics there needs to be much more awareness and understanding of brain tumours. Greater attention and funding for research and treatment of this disease is vital to give all children a chance".
 - Melanie Thaw

"The statistics relating to brain tumours make for incredible reading and it seems as though real impetus is required to help the specialists learn more about this tragic disease. There are young and old people alike out there who might be saved a huge amount of suffering with a greater level of funding for research into the effects of various kinds of brain tumours - and that is what this campaign is all about. I urge you all to offer your support."
 - Nick Faldo

"When someone you know is diagnosed with a brain tumour it comes out of the blue.  Unlike other illnesses they can't be prevented and can strike anyone - children and adults.  We need to support those working to help understand what causes brain tumours and give people the best treatment possible."
 - Tony Jacklin

"It is frightening to think that anyone can get a brain tumour especially as they are so difficult to diagnose.  Research and awareness is essential as we must become more knowledgeable about brain tumours to help save lives now and in the future."
 - John O'Leary

"Brain tumours can affect anyone and cannot be prevented because their cause is unknown.  Increased funding for research will help to understand brain tumours more and improve the outcome for people affected."
 - Tim Henman




"Having just lost a young friend who died from a brain tumour, I know how important it is to increase understanding of this all-too-common killer - and that means finding vital funds for more research."

 - Nicholas Owen

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