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Together we will find a cure Donate


National brain tumour research funding needs to increase to £35 million a year

The versatile accessory everyone should have

We’re delighted to let you know that we can now offer our supporters a brilliant new accessory in our range of branded apparel.

Known by many names – neck gaiter, neck warmer, buff, tube bandana to list a few – this multifunctional garment is a versatile and popular part of many people’s everyday gear. 

Now you can add this vibrantly-coloured, elegantly branded attire to your outfit in support of Brain Tumour Research.

Priced at just £10 and available now on our ebay shop, this is good value for such an indispensable accessory.

Super light and packed into a small Ziploc, and with the myriad ways this can be used, it’s no surprise so many of us always have one to hand.

You can keep your neck warm on chilly days; use it as a fashionable headscarf or bandana; wear it as a headband or a wristband to tackle sweat when exercising; apply it as an armband to hold your smartphone whilst at the gym; have it as a hat to protect from the sun, and of course it’ll be especially useful these days as a choice of breathable face covering.

Indeed, its flexibility can extend beyond fashionable functionality – these can be used to help stop straps chaffing or to tie on extra items to a bag or backpack.

They can even be used as part of a medical kit in an emergency – to protect wounds, apply pressure to limbs, or support injured joints.

This is truly a great essential item to have at hand. Get yours now!

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