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National brain tumour research funding needs to increase to £35 million a year

Weekly pick of brain tumour research news from around the world

A very easy to read piece to begin with concerning an innovative drug trial for brain cancer. It includes a clear explanation of gamma-delta (γδ) T cell immunotherapy – definitely worth a click but note it is happening at Birmingham, Alabama not Birmingham, West Midlands.

Any blog piece that compares glioma brain tumours to the Italian philosopher Niccolò Machiavelli has got to be worth a read – if you agree, click to find out how tumour behaviour is about  the end justifying the means.

Find out about  Mioara Larion, Ph.D. an Investigator at the National Cancer Institute’s Neuro-Oncology Branch and two projects in her labs investigating both the aggressiveness and progression of brain tumours and how it may correlate to nutrient processing and metabolism.

Pick through the science here to read about research looking into diet and tumour growth  – the research here suggests a high fat diet on its own doesn’t appear to be a good idea to halt tumour progression.

Immunotherapy combo effective for patients with high-grade neuroendocrine cancer – neuroendocrine tumours can occur anywhere but this research is included here as it features the immunotherapy combination of ipilimumab and nivolumab which is also being tested in brain tumour patients

Although from last year this article on brain tumour symptoms is useful as it lists different symptoms to help diagnose different brain tumour types

Finally preclinical data shows Tumour Treating Fields induces immunogenic cell death  This just published study suggests that Tumor Treating Fields (TTF) therapy can induce anticancer immune response and provides the first evidence for the immunostimulatory effects of Tumor Treating Fields-induced cell death.

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