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National brain tumour research funding needs to increase to £35 million a year

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One of the potentially life-altering side effects that patients experience after radiotherapy for their brain tumour can be cognitive impairment. Researchers now believe that they have pinpointed why this occurs and their findings could point the way for new therapies to protect the brain from the damage caused by radiation. Find out more  by reading radiation breaks connections in the brain

Clinical trials for new drugs are frequently used in combination with radiotherapy and this is the case here for a trial with initially encouraging results as they seek to increase the patient cohort Noxxon announces First Brain Cancer Patient Reaches 10 Weeks of Treatment With NOX-A12 Plus Radiotherapy

Scientists have developed a new gene therapy technique by transforming human cells into mass producers of tiny nano-sized particles full of genetic material that has the potential to reverse disease processes. Though the research was intended as a proof of concept, the experimental gene therapy slowed tumour growth and prolonged survival in mice with gliomas, which constitute about 80% of malignant brain tumours in humans.

The potential role of 3D printing in effective drug delivery for GBM patients is explored in this piece University Researchers 3D Print GlioMesh to Treat Brain Cancer

One story that we reported on last week is still making news and is repeated here in case it was missed - Ultrasound Could be Vital Component for Potential Glioblastoma Treatment

A report released from the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) details the World first treatment with ‘acoustic cluster therapy’ to improve chemotherapy delivery and although not being used to treat brain tumour patients yet it is of relevance here because of the novel way more effective drug (chemotherapy) delivery is hopefully achieved.

We won’t be producing our weekly worldwide Neuro oncology news update for the next two weeks but will be back on Saturday 11th January. Please do keep coming back to our Latest News page in 2020  for research updates and other news pieces relevant to our community as we seek to progress our knowledge and in doing so improve patient options and outcomes

Finally something to wish for in 2020; Is a universal vaccine against cancer possible?

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