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National brain tumour research funding needs to increase to £35 million a year

A warm welcome to the James Clifford Campling Trust as they join our community

We are delighted to welcome The James Clifford Campling Trust, a charity based in Grimsby, Lincolnshire, as a new Member Charity.

James Campling was an aeromedical nurse in the Royal Air Force when he had an experience when he was unable to speak for a while. It was around Christmas 2015. The GP put it down to stress. After a seizure in April 2016 whilst at an RAF nursing symposium, James underwent various tests and eventually had an MRI scan which led to his diagnosis with a glioblastoma multiforme (GBM).

Throughout his life, James had always enjoyed travelling and, in the 22 months after his diagnosis and before he passed away in 2018, aged 29, succeeded in ticking off all but 12 of 100 things on his bucket list, including visiting 82 countries and all seven continents of the world.

James and his friends also raised £30,000 to support research into brain tumours.

The James Clifford Campling Trust has three aims: to offer funding of up to £2,000 to people over the age of 18 with a life-changing condition to help them reach their life goals; setting up a retreat to support people with life-limiting illnesses and their families, funding research into GBMs.

We look forward to working closely with our new Member Charity to help them achieve greater media coverage, as well as achieve our common goals including campaigning for the Government to invest more in research into brain tumours so that ultimately we find a cure for all brain tumours.

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