Kelly Ann Alexander 


Devoted to her husband and her horse, Kelly Ann was turned away from A&E when her brain tumour symptoms were dismissed as the effects of too much drink. Eventually diagnosed with a low-grade tumour, Kelly Ann has been through surgery and had part of her skull replaced when a serious infection threatened her life. Now 39, Kelly Ann knows that her tumour may return but for now, she is back in the saddle and making the most of each day.


“My latest scan in December 2016 showed there was no regrowth of the tumour. I live with the knowledge that my tumour could come back but I’m determined to make the best of every day and, with Kevin and my beloved horse, I know I can put on a brave face. My tumour was ‘low grade’ so, in many ways, I have been lucky. Although I have been through a very traumatic experience and have been left with mild weakness on my left-hand side, many others fare far worse.” Kelly Ann tells her story...

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