Jess Richardson


Hard working wife and mum Jess Richardson was used to managing on her own while her husband worked overseas. He missed out on the birth of their daughter Isla but was airlifted home when, out of the blue, Jess was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Now on a clinical trial and awaiting Gamma Knife surgery, Jess hopes to reach out to other mums through her blog about living with a toddler and a brain tumour.


“You know where you think to yourself ‘knowing my luck I’ll find out I’ve got a brain tumour?’ Well, that’s what happened to me and it’s no joke. I was at home on my own late on a Friday evening when the consultant called to say they had found something on my brain and I needed to see my GP immediately. The doctor said he shouldn’t have been the one to tell me the news but, believe me, hearing the news has to be far worse than telling someone." Jess tells her story…

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