Host for Hope - Your Summer Get Together


Everybody loves a good get-together; simply gather some friends, grab some grub and enjoy!

Help us get closer to a cure this Summer by hosting a coffee morning, afternoon tea, BBQ or dinner party for Brain Tumour Research.

It's easier than ever to get involved! Simply follow these three top tips to make your event a success:

  1. Set a fundraising target -- Aim for £300 and you will be funding all the pipettes, solutions and dishes needed for one day of research at any one of our Centres of Excellence. Simply sell tickets for your event and hold a raffle or auction!
  2. Ask a favour -- Whether you’re asking for food, drink, raffle prizes or venue hire – you’ll be surprised how generous people and companies will be when you tell them why you are holding your event.
  3. Shout about it! -- Create a Facebook event; display posters at your school/workplace/club; share your story with the local press and add your JustGiving link to your email footer. There are so many ways to capture people’s imagination and ask for delicious donations.

Whatever plans you’re cooking up, the following materials – posters, recipes, menu cards, place settings, invitations and press release templates – can all be downloaded directly from this page.

If you would like any more information please call us on 01908 867200 or email

Want to get the media to cover your Host for Hope event? Take a look at our press release templates here.

Thank you for your support and have a great gathering!

Quick Links: 

Printable Party Posters

Merchandise Order Form

Celebrity Chef Recipes

PartyBakes Recipes

Downloadable Menu Cards and More

Printable Party Posters

Our Host for Hope posters are bright, bold and sure to catch the eye of passers-by! Simply click on your chosen poster below to download. Then all you need to do is print and place somewhere prominent to promote your Host for Hope event!



Merchandise Order Form

Make your summer event extra special -- order your Host for Hope merchandise today


Celebrity Chef Recipes

These recipe cards contain signature dishes from some of the most impressive chefs around. Try some out at your event to really wow your guests!

Alain Roux: Tartes Des Demoiselles Tatin

James Martin: Croissant Butter Pudding


Valentine Warner: Sirloin with Chimichurri Sauce


Adam Byatt: Beef Short Rib & Onion Cottage Pie


Felipe Fuentes Cruz: A five-recipe Mexican feast!


Vivek Singh: Dry Spice Crusted Sea Bream

Chris Wheeler: White and Green Asparagus


Antonio Favuzzi: Chopped Raw Beef


Luca Terraneo: Fettucine Primavera 





Ten additional delicious recipes to satisfy any hungry Host for Hope party, kindly supplied by local caterering firm PartyBakes* 









                             *opens a 10-page PDF 2MB in size

Downloadable Menu Cards and More

We've got it all planned -- our downloadable menus, invitations and place settings are the perfect final touch to make sure your event goes off without a hitch! 

From left to right:

Getting the media involved

Most of the fundraising events people hold for us come about because of personal experiences with or connections to someone who has been affected by a brain tumour. It’s these stories which when featured in local news truly inspire people to donate and motive others to get involved and help fund the fight.

No matter where you’re based, the local media are always interested in a good news story where an individual or group has raised money for vital research.

So here are some templates for use in getting your message out there to the media. Simply edit and delete where indicated on these templates, then save and send to your local newspaper, TV or radio station. A quick search on Google should help you find the relevant contacts for media in your area.

Host for Hope Pre-event PR Template

Host for Hope Post-event PR Template

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