Fundraising for Vital Research


There have never been so many great ways to help us raise funds for vital, life-saving research -- see how you can get involved below!

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A Night at the Zoo

Join us for an exclusive fundraising event hosted by Dartmoor Zoo! Set in 30 acres of stunning Devon countryside, the Zoo is a wonderful venue. Taking place in the evening of Monday 5th June, the event will see a series of special activities, including:

- After-hours admission to the zoo and its 200 different species
- ‘Close encounters classroom’ with selected members of the menagerie
- Magic and entertainment show from a top UK magician
- Buffet supper, bar and disco

Find out more and how to book tickets.

Host for Hope

Help feed vital research and plan your Host for Hope gathering anytime. Why not make the most of the summer sun and host during June to August? 

Join our Fighting Force

Join our Fighting Force and set a challenge for yourself, friends and colleagues, or take a look at our Calendar of Events to see what's available. Running, cycling, swimming -- take on a challenge today!


Take a tour of the labs at one of our Centres of Excellence and learn about the groundbreaking research being conducted by some of the UK’s leading brain tumour specialists. 

If you want more ideas, visit our exciting A-Z list of fundraising suggestions!

Fundraising Top Tips


Use our fantastic Fundraising Posters 

Created especially for you to help you brand up your own fundraisng events for Brain Tumour Research.

The General Fundraising poster (far left) provides compelling facts and stats to help show why you are supporting Brain Tumour Research. Click the image or here to download a PDF of this poster which you print up to A3 size.  

This Empty Belly poster (near left) will allow you to publicise your event details clearly. Click the image or here to download a PDF of this poster - this poster comes with editable text entry fields allowing you to type in the details for your event. It can be printed up to A3 size.



Create a JustGiving page 

Set a fundraising target and aim to beat it! On JustGiving you can tell the story of why you're fundraising and make it easy for people to donate before, during and after your event. You can also add your offline donations to give your total a boost.

Just choose Brain Tumour Research as your charity and say something about why you're fundraising. JustGiving also makes it very easy for us to collect Gift Aid on all donations; we'll recieve an extra 25p for every pound donated!

Text donate 

Raise even more by setting up a unique JustTextGiving code on your JustGiving page! Or you can share our text donate instructions - copy and paste the following text:

Text 70070 then RSCH09 followed by £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10 (if you'd like to donate more - repeat the exercise until you have reached the monthly maximum donation amount of £30). You will receive a text afterwards with a link to a Gift Aid form which will allow you to boost your donation by a further 25%.

Get social

Social media is the number one reason why peole go online. And it's the best and simplest way to get support from your freinds and colleagues to help maxmise fundraising from your event. It's a great way to encourage folsk to join in as well! Don't forget to mention Brain Tumour Research and use the hashtag #CloserToACure.

Our social media channels can be found following the links in the icons at the top of any page on our website.

Tell your story 

We have easy-to-use press release templates available on our website. Follow this link to download, then edit where indicated and once completed, send it to your local media! Don't forget to include some relevent photos.

A quick Google search should provide you with contact information for your local media outlets - newspapers, radio, TV, community magazines etc. Please contact us on or call us 01908 867200 if you like any more help with talking to the media or with your fundraising event. 

Thank you for your support.


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