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Together we will find a cure Donate

Your Hattastic Photos

Help us fund the fight. Together we will find a cure.

We've had so many wonderful fundraisers take part in Wear A Hat Day throughout the years!

Share your Wear A Hat Day photos and videos with us on Twitter and Facebook.

Check out some of our favourites from 2018

Sue Farrington Smith and John Bercow
Write ON, Nottingham
Plymouth CityBus launch their special Brain Tumour Research bus
Wear A Hat Day 2018
Specsavers, Plymouth
Brain Tumour Research trustees
Sarah Beeny
Itron HQ, Washington State
Neurology and Neuro-surgery team, Salford Royal Hospital
Lock and Co, London
New Era, Milton Keynes
Wear A Hat Day dog!
The Kings Head Coffee and Gin Bar, Buckingham
Brain Tumour Research PR Team
Idle Lounge Coffee House, Bradford
Department of Global Liquidity and Cash Management, HSBC
Annual Ladies Lunch, Buckingham
Find New Business, Gawcott
Brain Tumour Research - Hat HQ!
Boycott Farm Shop, Stowe
Beachborough School, Westbury - Copyright MCK Photography
Gosport Voluntary Action Timebank team with Square Pegs Charity
Emma Fozard Millinery
40 Random Acts of Kindness - @40Actsof


Smile! Get the best photos from your fundraising event.

Compose the picture so that it tells the story of what you are doing and why. If your event is part of one of our campaigns, please make sure that it is communicated in the pictures wherever possible.

The strategic placement of our brand will immediately help – be it our Believe Magazine, some of our leaflets, campaign posters, T-shirts or other merchandise. Try to include our materials, participants wearing our branded T-shirts or our Baseball Caps etc in your photos.  If any of our banners/stands are in use, they can look good to the side or in the background of the picture. Get shots of our collection buckets or boxes being used as well perhaps.

Think about focal points in your pictures – images of individuals or small groups interacting or posing in a fun way often work better than a large group. However, a group shot of everyone can work well if it’s fun – everyone cheering at the end of a challenge or throwing hats for example. Think about filling the frame with the people you are photographing to maximise the impact of the image.

Be aware also about what is going on in the background of your photo - walls can look dull; expressions on faces of people looking on in the background can also ruin an otherwise good shot, and if there’s a lot going on behind your subject, this could also be distracting or messy.

Be a happy snapper! Move around, take different perspectives and viewpoints – this is likely to offer up that ‘winning photo’. Don’t get stressed by the task. Keep it simple and natural. Quite often when you’re least expecting it, that great composition will come together – just have your camera ready to capture it!

Always get permission from people or make it obvious at the start that you’ll be taking photos and then anyone who doesn’t want to be photographed can say so or move out the way.

If possible, set your camera to capture images at a size of 6MB or higher. If in doubt, choose the highest quality (maximum file size). Rather than send everything, give yourself a bit of time to review and edit so that what you end up sending us and the media are the best possible images showing a range of people and activities which capture a positive story of fundraising for a very worthwhile cause.

It would be so very helpful if you could label photos with the names of people involved from left to right. You can provide this on a separate word document if you like.  Please include key information such as the title of the event, the names of any prominent or specific people in the photos – i.e. specific fundraisers, family or friends of the individual affected or who the event in aid of or in memory of, how much was raised etc. Any photos we use will be uncredited unless specific professional photographers request a credit, in which case please provide those details with the images.

If you have a lot of images, it can make life easier if you use web-based tools to share them (as opposed to email) – both DropBox and WeTransfer are very efficient and simple to use. Both sites will ask for email addresses to transfer links to images – please use If you have any further questions about taking or sending photos to us then by all means get in touch on 01908 867200 or via email.

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