Together we will find a cure Donate
Together we will find a cure Donate

Why should I get involved?

We’re all looking forward to our most vibrant fundraising event of the year as thousands of people across the UK don their favourite headgear and take part in hat-themed events in their local communities, schools and workplaces.

It’s going to be great fun. Your Wear A Hat Day event can be as simple as posting a hat selfie on Facebook and making a donation but the bigger and crazier, the better!

Where does the money raised go?

Brain tumours kill more children and adults under the age of 40 than any other cancer.

Brain Tumour Research is the only national charity dedicated to funding sustainable and long-term research into brain tumours at UK Centres of Excellence.

Our approach is unique. We are building teams of brilliant researchers and are developing the next generation of world-class experts in neuro-oncology.

We are working to:

  • Understand the origins of brain tumours in order to create personalised treatments for each patient
  • Starve cancer cells of the energy they need to grow and expand
  • Re-purpose existing drugs in order to increase options for targeting brain tumours
  • Identify mutations in low-grade brain tumours that dangerously accelerate tumour growth
  • Explore how special diets can help with brain tumour therapy

Who else is getting involved?

Caprice in pink top hat

Caprice Bourret - Supermodel, businesswomen and brain tumour survivor

Caprice has been became involved with Brain Tumour Research following her shock meningioma diagnosis, and subsequent successful surgical intervention, in Spring 2017.

“I’m getting involved because I’m determined to try to make a difference for the 16,000 people diagnosed with a brain tumour each year.

Let’s all put our hats on and so something positive and support the fantastic research going on right now”

Caprice in pink top hat

Debbie McGee - Television, radio and stage performer 

Debbie has been a supporter of Brain Tumour Research and Wear A Hat Day since 2016 when she tragically lost her husband Paul Daniels to a brain tumour.

It is important to me to share Paul’s story because I want to help other people. Paul was one of those people who genuinely lit up a room when he walked in and I want people to know how this cruel disease stripped him of everything within a few short weeks

Donate today

Help us build the UK's largest network of experts in sustainable brain tumour research and campaign for more investment nationally. Together we will find a cure.