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Wear A Hat Day with Flowers is great fun for pupils, teachers and parents alike! Lots of schools, nurseries and colleges across the UK get involved and plan hattastic events to support our vital work to find a cure for brain tumours. Will you join them?

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Get your thinking caps on and plan a fun event for your school:

  • Encourage pupils to express their creativity and create their own flowery hats out of materials they can find at school or in your school grounds – offer prizes for the most inventive and spectacular creations
  • Hold a bake sale and ask pupils to bring in their carnation cap-cakes, peony Panama hat pastries, botanical beret biscuits – whatever themed bakes they can think up – and collect donations from everyone who wants to sample the tasty treats
  • Create a fun quiz for all classes and test their horticultural and hat knowledge
  • Plan a sponsored school challenge, for example laps of your school field wearing a flowery hat, and encourage pupils to ask their family and loved ones to support them

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