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Wear A Christmas Hat Day Digital Fundraising Pack

We have provided the content below to help you make the most of your Wear A Christmas Hat Day.

We have a selection of posters to print out at either A3 or A4, colourful bunting to cut out and create (as well as plain versions for you or your children to colour in) and offline sponsorship forms to help with your fundraising!

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Please note: You may need to extract the file once downloaded by right-clicking the file and selecting "Extract All"

Thank you for supporting Brain Tumour Research.


A colourful poster including the official Wear A Christmas Hat Day date to remind everyone when to get involved and to help you publicise your fundraising for Wear A Christmas Hat Day event.                               

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This poster contains many of the stark facts and key messages about brain tumours and what Brain Tumour Research is doing to help. By joining in with your Wear A Christmas Hat Day event, others can see the value in supporting your fundraising.

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Two bunting templates to print and cut out at home, one brightly coloured and a second for your kids (or you) to colour in!                                                                                                                                              

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This poster has space for you to add what, where and when your Wear A Christmas Hat Day event will be. You can print and display these to remind people and to generate interest if needs be.  

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Use this poster to raise awareness with others in your community and workplace so that they can be inspired to get involved in your Wear A Christmas Hat Day event or simply make a text donation to support the cause.      

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Get sponsors offline from your friends, family and colleagues by printing this form.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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Our top 10 fundraising events for Wear A Christmas Hat Day - Get inspired with these great go-to ideas! 

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