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Together we will find a cure Donate

Walks of Hope - How To

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How To Organise Your Walk of Hope

Route Considerations 

  • Think about the distance you want to cover and the people who will be joining you, make sure it is not too challenging unless your group are fit and able to take on a longer distance.  10 miles doesn’t sound too challenging, but it is if you are unfit and not used to walking long distances.
  • Choose a start point with car parking (free if you can) and consider points where you can purchase refreshments en route
  • Look at a circular route or walk out to a pre-arranged halfway point and back again (you need to get back to your cars, or arrange transport back) 
  • Consider two simple options – 10 miles or 10kms works well as a message, and gives people who may be struggling an easier option to get back
  • As part of your planning, walk your route to ensure the distance and to be aware of any difficulties, closures, suitability, hazards etc. 
  • Try to pick an established route if you have a large group so you don’t need marshals or sign posts (canals are brilliant for this; you can’t get lost!) 
  • Ask permission if you are planning a group of over 30 people walking together.
    • Canals – Waterways, angling groups
    • Public parks – town / city council
    • Private land – land owner 


  • Be prepared for the weather – always carry sun cream and waterproofs, this is the UK after all!
  • Take home all litter

Taking Care of your Group

  • Ensure everyone (including children) are wearing appropriate footwear.  Walking boots / shoes are recommended, sports trainers / running shoes are good.  Fashion shoes such as Ugg boots, flip flops, sandals are not recommended
  • Remind walkers to bring antihistamine and some paracetamol or anti-inflammatory tablets are useful.  Please note that as an organiser you should not distribute any medication.  Ask people to bring their own.  
  • Bring a hat, food and a drink
  • If your group spreads out and does not walk together, have a walker at the front leading the group, and one at the back so you know where everyone is
  • Keep dogs on leads, especially if you are walking across farm or private land
  • Ensure parents are responsible for their children

Event Success

  • Create a Facebook Event for sign ups
  • Set up an online Fundraising page to collect your sponsorship, share this page to encourage donations
  • Ask your employer if they have a Match Funding scheme in place, where they will match your fundraising – share this with your group, you may be able to double your fundraising!
  • Post regular updates about your event and share your reasons for organising your Walk 
  • Encourage your team to share posts, keep sharing your Online Fundraising page 
  • Use Twitter and tag #WalkOfHope and tag #braintumourrsch in every post, we will share where possible
  • Keep everyone up to date with plans, especially if the weather is changeable

Organiser Essentials

  • Phone is fully charged at the start of the day Everyone has a map or route details if needed
  • Provide a timetable and clear meeting point information, including car parks and post codes.
  • Include in your timetable – registration opens, walk start time, estimated time it will take to complete the Walk etc.
  • You have everyone’s phone number and they have yours – send a text to all participants on the morning and ask them to reply, this way you know they have your number
  • Ask people to make sure they let you know if they decide to finish early, not complete the course etc.
  • You have a list of emergency contact numbers, just in case
  • Your event details are shared with someone who is not taking part in the walk and will raise an alarm if needed
  • You have a basic first aid kit and a first aider in your walking group
  • Consider how you would get help to a walker in the unlikely event that you would need to – access points for vehicles / ambulance etc.
  • You have one person who will stay at the start / finish to welcome walkers back, check names off the registration list, distribute medals and ensure everyone who started, finishes

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