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Together we will find a cure Donate

On Yer Bike 2020 - How To

Help us fund the fight. Together we will find a cure.

How To Organise Your On Yer Bike Event and be a Spinathon Host

Saturday 8th February 2020 will see the fifth annual On Yer Bike for Brain Tumour Research event, a national Spinathon taking place across the UK.

You can host your Spinathon anywhere you choose, that may be in a gym of your choice, at home on an exercise bike, in your office, or in a shopping centre, anything goes!

If you can host an On Yer Bike event, please let me know and I will help you all I can.  Email or call me on 07817 878407 and we can discuss.

Role of the Spinathon Host

  • Host, arrange and organise an On Yer Bike event
  • Recruit and build a core team of spinners with your family, friends and colleagues
  • If your event is gym-based, simply contact your nearest gym (or where you are a member) or spin studio and ask if you can borrow their facilities and explain it’s a charity event. Generally, they are very receptive, just aim to be flexible and fit in around any pre-existing classes
  • We will provide you with event posters, tee shirts and medals, just let us know quantities and sizes
  • Communicate, coordinate and encourage your network to join in and bring others with them and build your team
  • Set up an On Yer Bike online fundraising page at either JustGiving or Virgin Money Giving
  • Set a financial target, always a great motivator for your team
  • Work with Brain Tumour Research PR team to organise media coverage where possible
  • Take lots of photos and / or create a video of your event and share widely on social media, tag @braintumourrsrch and we will share where we can

On Yer Bike Challenge Ideas

This is a challenge with no limits or restrictions!

  • Could you get some spin bikes in your office and set up a Corporate Challenge where teams of spinners take part in a relay; each team member cycles for 60 minutes. If more than one team is competing against another, distance will be recorded and the team who cycles the furthest will be the winner
  • Team competition – multiple groups of any number (can be friends, gym members, colleagues etc.) challenge one another based on speed, distance, or time on a bike and go head-to-head for sponsorship
  • Individual challenge – one person pedals for a pre-agreed time or distance 
  • Set a collective distance to cover during the day - e.g. 12 people cycling 10 miles per hour = 120 miles
  • Create a theme or wacky fancy dress, just remember to wear appropriate clothing underneath your costume and ensure loose clothing around ankles and feet is secured to avoid being caught in the bike mechanism
  • Ask your local MP or celebrity to get involved or launch your event

Setting up Individual and Team JustGiving pages

Individual Page

  • Go to the On Yer Bike event at JustGiving
  • Select “Fundraise for us” (top right of the page)
  • Follow the instructions online to create your page and set your target – pages always do better when there is a target to smash! 
  • All team members can add to this page or create their own and link to the JustGiving Team Page

Team Page

A JustGiving Team Page allows you and your friends to link individual fundraising pages together. They are great if you want to raise money separately whilst still contributing to a larger team goal.

The page will list everyone’s individual page, as well as any additional charities money is being raised for and the collective total raised as a team. Follow the link here to set up your JustGiving Team Page.

Finally, visit our website to get further tips to maximise your fundraising:

Taking Care of your Group

  • Ensure everyone is wearing appropriate clothing
  • Water is available (snacks too 😊 always a hit!) 
  • We recommend that everyone taking part does some training for the event, and wears appropriate clothing
  • Clothing - training shoes, socks, t-shirt and if you are cycling for 60 minutes or more, please wear cycle shorts. Ladies should wear a sports bra
  • 10 miles in 60 minutes on a static bike will require a good level of fitness; continuous pedalling at a steady/fast pace
  • Make sure that anyone participating who has any health concerns, checks with their GP before they commence 

Event Success

  • Create a Facebook Event for sign ups
  • Set up an online fundraising page to collect your sponsorship, share this page to encourage donations
  • Ask your employer if they have a Match Funding scheme in place, where they will match your fundraising – share this with your group, you may be able to double your fundraising!
  • Post regular updates about your event and share your reasons for organising your event
  • Encourage your team to share posts, keep sharing your Online Fundraising page
  • Use Twitter and tag #onyerbike TBC and tag #braintumourrsch in every post, we will share where possible 

Organiser Essentials

  • Phone fully charged at the start of the day
  • You have everyone’s phone number and they have yours – send a text to all participants on the morning and ask them to reply, this way you know they have your number
  • Contact your spinners a couple of days before the event to confirm start times and remind them of the event address, including postcode
  • You have a list of emergency contact numbers, just in case
  • You have a basic first aid kit and a first aider in your team

Thank you so much for supporting On Yer Bike for Brain Tumour Research 2020