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National brain tumour research funding needs to increase to £30-35 million a year

Hosting an event for Brain Tumour Research

A great way to fundraise with family and friends together or with your work colleagues. 

We’ve collected the best ideas for hosting events here for you based on the feedback of our myriad supporters across the UK – all of these event ideas have proven successful and fun, and have helped many of you raise thousands for pounds for our vital, long-term research, bringing ever closer to a cure. 

Always be upfront that you are holding a fundraising event. No hidden surprises means your guests will be prepared to maximise their support and donations! 

We even have a ready-made Press Release Template to help you get local media coverage for your fundraising event.  

Use the Related Sections link to order items like posters, collection buckets or boxes, balloons and you'll also find instructions on how to pay your money in. 

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Host an event – support Brain Tumour Research!

Do Lunch!

guests at a table enjoying a mealEach Summer, we ask all of our supporters to get together and Do Lunch! We want you to get together with your friends, family and colleagues and grab some grub for Brain Tumour Research to help feed vital research! Whether it’s a BBQ bonanza, a perfect picnic or a three-course luncheon party, all funds raised will help sustain long-term, life-saving research at our UK Centres of Excellence.

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Pub Quiz & Raffle

pub quizThis type of event comes with a ready-made guest list. Talk to your local pub and see if they will offer their support by letting you use the venue free of charge. Set the date, and your target – having a goal in mind will help you focus your efforts. 

Connect with local businesses to ask them to donate raffle prizes for the cause – once you tell them why you’re doing the charity quiz they will likely be very supportive!

Charge an entrance fee for participants and sell raffle tickets. The pub may even consider donating a portion of profits from the evening to the cause. 

A quiz and raffle can also be part of a larger event, like a fancy dress disco or auction – guaranteed to get your friends involved! 

Coffee Morning and Cake Sale 

cakes on a plateA traditional way to raise funds, motivate and educate your friends about your favourite charity! 

Choose your venue – host at home, or your local community centre or village hall for a larger event. Invite everyone – even if they can’t make it, this gives you the perfect opportunity to talk about Brain Tumour Research and why you are supporting the charity. It also gives them a chance to give you a donation in lieu of attending. 

Involve others; ask for help with baking, decorating, meet and greet etc. It’s all much more fun with a team of friends and helpers!

Golf Day

four male golfersThere are several ways to take a simple golf day and turn it into a large-scale fundraising event. First, charge each tournament player a fee to participate. Ask players to get their own sponsorship. You might also consider publishing a sponsored tournament booklet – a great platform to explain your support for Brain Tumour Research – and sell them for a few pounds each. 

Invite local businesses to buy advertising space in these booklets to help cover production costs and increase your fundraising. You may even want to ask these local firms to sponsor the tournament and/or individual golf holes or players and ideally that sponsorship will cover the cost of prizes for the winners as well. A win-win scenario – more funds raised and great PR opportunity for your event and the sponsors! 

Discuss your plans with the golf course and see if they’d be willing to offer a reduced fee or use the venue for free on the day, as their way of supporting your event. Have the same conversation with caterers and other service providers as and where your needs are identified. And to really make the most of the event, you could even host it alongside a dinner dance later that evening.

Black Tie Dinner or Charity Ball

guests at a charity ballWhen hosting big events like these, you will need to gather a fundraising team of volunteers to help you. 

In short you’ll need to manage multiple projects to bring the event together, delegating tasks as required. You need a team to help with producing tickets, promoting the event widely and ensuring tickets sell out. You’ll need to source a venue, ask for sponsorship and for raffle prizes, and find entertainment, catering and staff to help run the event on the night.

Venue selection is very important. Be realistic about how many guests will attend and what a reasonable ticket price is. Know your audience; will they pay £35 or £100 per ticket? Most of the ticket price will need to cover costs so keep this in mind when planning. 

For first-time events, we suggest aiming for 100 guests (unless you are confident you can sell more tickets). Plan at least six months in advance and avoid school and bank holidays. December and January are the most difficult months to sell tickets.

When it comes to selling tickets, encourage the purchase of an entire table for family and friend groups. This will make planning easier on you and will create an enthusiastic buzz ahead of the event itself. 

A raffle or an auction can be a great way to raise additional funds on the evening – let your guests know in advance that they will be able to take part.

Corporate sponsorship is invaluable for large events like these. Your company may be able to support you in sponsoring the drinks reception, or one of the courses, or even match-fund the money raised. The more you can get covered the more funds you can raise for vital, life-saving brain tumour research.

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