Together we will find a cure Donate
Together we will find a cure Donate

Fundraising Your Way

Help us fund the fight. Together we will find a cure.

Why fundraise anyway?

Historically only 1% of the national cancer research spend has gone towards brain tumours. We aim to change that by helping our Centres of Excellence raise £1 million a year to fund sustainable research.

Just 1%Sustainable funding is what scientists need – many scientists have to spend time approaching grant-making bodies to fund their work. This cuts down the time that scientists can do what they’re best at; working on groundbreaking research. By Fundraising for Brain Tumour Research, you can help us give researchers the time in the lab that they need to succeed.

Fundraising is a great way of remembering someone and honouring their life while helping to ensure that in the future, others may not have to go through the same experience.

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