Together we will find a cure Donate
Together we will find a cure Donate

Do Something Kind

Do Something Kind

With everything we’ve had to endure in 2020, January 2021 is the perfect time to join our Do Something Kind challenge – help yourself, help others, and help us get closer to a cure.

Being kind is good for you – that’s a fact. What’s more, it allows us to be humbler and be more connected with ourselves and others. Acts of kindness leave us feeling happier and healthier than before.

Whether being good to yourself or doing something kind for others, this is simple, motivating and rewarding fundraising – a feel-good way to start the New Year and a way to do something kind that will also help those affected by a brain tumour now and in the future.

How To Get Involved

Do one challenge in the month or do multiple acts of kindness during January. Be active, be still, be loud, be quiet – just be there and be kind.

Fundraise Now

Create a kindness challenge for yourself such as:

  • a new fitness routine at the gym or at home – get sponsored to hit those workout targets; 10 sit-ups a day could easily convert to £10 a day in donations!
  • a new weight loss plan to lose those lockdown pounds – ask for donations every time you share updates on every pound lost
  • giving up alcohol for the month– donate the costs of what you’d normally spend on alcohol for the month to us, and challenge three others to do the same



Or do a series of kindness challenges for others, weekly or daily or something in between, such as:

  • creating a fun video to brighten others’ lives – let others know you’ve done this to help us too, and ask them to make a donation
  • reaching out to someone you haven’t contacted for a while – make a donation between you to our cause
  • writing a positive review for a local business you like – ask them if they could make a donation or choose us as their charity of the year!


Maybe you want to do something kind in the workplace and get everyone involved, with activities such as:

  • volunteering with a local charity – we always welcome new volunteers at Brain Tumour Research! – and why not ask your employer if they can offer payroll giving as well
  • taking turns to make the drinks for everyone – have a collection tin in the office or send everyone to the team JustGiving page to make donations
  • smile selfies with a text donate – take your best selfie pics and text them with a donation, and hold competitions internally with prizes for the best smiles

You may want to do something kind at your school and get all teachers, parents and pupils involved in activities such as:

  • each class to plan and organise a series of acts of kindness in their school or the local community, for example – litter picking, washing cars, sweeping up leaves etc, and post updates on the school’s social media pages to drive donations to its Do Something Kind JustGiving page
  • including ideas for being kind in children’s literature classes, with a competition for the top three ideas that can be turned into actual acts of kindness – ask parents and teachers to donate for each idea submitted
  • choosing a new charity to support – place collection tins in school, circulate literature among the parents and teachers, invite someone from the organisation to talk to your children at assembly, and invite children to prepare ideas to ‘show and tell’ about how they might help the charity themselves, and we would love to hear from any schools we already work with or new ones that may want to support us in 2021


How to collect donations

1) Set up a JustGiving page: create your JustGiving page for Do Something Kind 

Fundraise Now

2) Set the fundraising target on your page to £100 – not a difficult target to smash once people begin to learn about your acts of kindness!

If doing this at work, you may want to set up a team JustGiving page. Find out more about Team pages here

3) Share your JustGiving Page

Once this is all set up, use your connections on social media and elsewhere to tell everyone you know what you’re doing and ask them to sponsor you.

Whatever act of kindness you choose, don’t forget to record any routines, targets met etc and get your family, friends, colleagues et al to donate when you tell them about those milestone moments.

Share your story with us

Would you like your local media to do a story about your acts of kindness? You can email us 
on and we’ll work with you to see how we can help you achieve this.

If you or a loved one have been personally affected by this devastating disease, we can listen and help you share your story if you want. Your inspirational stories of love, life and loss, of strength and courage in face of the devastation wrought by brain tumours are very moving and immensely powerful. They unite us and inspire us, helping build new foundations every day to get us closer to a cure.

Read the stories of inspirational people

Contact us today if you’d like to share your story