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Together we will find a cure Donate

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Now you’ve registered with us to take part, simply head over to JustGiving to create your fundraising page. Set up a target – we recommend a minimum of £274 (per adult), which is 10% of the costs for one day of research. 

Start fundraising and we will send you a FREE Brain Tumour Research t-shirt. Once you have completed your 20 for 20 challenge and raised over £100, you’ll also receive a FREE medal to recognise your amazing accomplishment!

If you have a personal reason for why you have chosen to fundraise for us – as many of our supporters do – then we recommend you share this on your JustGiving page story section; this will inspire people to donate on your page.

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Help us build the UK's largest network of experts in sustainable brain tumour research and campaign for more investment nationally. Together we will find a cure.