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The David Kingston Appeal

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David Kingston is 46 years old. He has a wife and two young children. He’s a software specialist. Nine years ago, he was diagnosed with a low-grade brain tumour after experiencing a seizure at work.

David underwent surgery, which removed virtually all the tumour, and had follow-up treatment. Despite this, his tumour returned. This time it was high-grade and cancerous. 

David knows that his time and treatment options are running out. So that other families don’t have to go through the same painful experience of living with a brain tumour, David is passionate about raising awareness and finding new treatments for everyone affected by this devastating disease.

Although finding a cure might come too late for David, he's making a personal appeal for help to support the world-class research taking place at our Research Centres of Excellence.

Could you help David, and everyone affected by brain tumours, by funding world-class research?

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Together with his wife, Kim, David recognises that he has to live life as best he can. He’s ready for the fight ahead and is honest with his children about his condition.

He commented: “Researchers funded by Brain Tumour Research are providing hope for thousands of others by focusing on finding new treatments so that patients can live longer.

The ultimate aim of our researchers is to find a cure for brain tumours. In Portsmouth, for example, they have already used state-of-the-art technology to screen drugs for their ability to kill tumour cells and they are working to bring these forward to clinical trials. With your help, our research teams can make even more life-changing discoveries.

For just £5 per month, you could help to fund game-changing research that will bring us closer to a cure for brain tumours. Please help David achieve his ambition by donating to his appeal.

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Help us build the UK's largest network of experts in sustainable brain tumour research and campaign for more investment nationally. Together we will find a cure.