Together we will find a cure Donate
Together we will find a cure Donate

Payroll Giving

Help us fund the fight. Together we will find a cure.

What is Payroll Giving?

Payroll Giving is a win-win for both employees and employers, and can sit alongside a company’s other charity commitments. It allows you to donate without paying tax.

It’s a simple scheme. As an employee, it allows you to make a regular, tax-free donation (direct from your salary and through your payroll) to charities and good causes that are close to your heart. Once it’s set up, there’s nothing more to do.

Donations are deducted before tax so Payroll Giving maximises what you give. Every £1 you donate will only cost you either 80p if you’re a basic rate tax payer or 60p if you’re taxed at the higher rate.

You can stop or change your gift as you wish and you can support more than one charity at the same time.

Payroll Giving for companies

For companies, Payroll Giving is great for image-building and improving staff morale, retention and recruitment.

It plays an integrated role in an employer’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy and allows a company to increase its charity giving easily and at little cost. An employer can also see the amount of money its employees are raising, and can match-fund it as a further commitment to charity.

How does Payroll Giving help us?

For Brain Tumour Research, Payroll Giving offers a regular, reliable and long-term source of income.

It helps us raise funds for continuous and sustainable research, and can help free our researchers from the time-consuming frustration of having to rely on applications for one-off grants and different pots of money.

How to get started?

If you’re an employee and would like to donate to us via Payroll Giving, please contact your employer. If you’d like information on how your donation will be spent, please get in touch on or 01908 867200.

As an employer wanting to offer the scheme, you need to be registered with a Payroll Giving Agency. It's free and easy to set up. To find out more, visit