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Benjamin Mee

Benjamin Mee and his family are the owners of Dartmoor Zoological Park, the subject of the Hollywood film, We Bought A Zoo, directed by Cameron Crowe featuring Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson. Tragically Benjamin’s wife Katherine died of a brain tumour in 2007, which led Benjamin to get behind our cause and join us in our lobbying efforts. In 2013 Benjamin helped Mark Hunter MBE as he conquered his fear of snakes. As can be seen from the photo here, Mark ended up getting close and personal to a Red Tailed Boa called Keith. 


Benjamin continues to be an extremely active ambassador for Brain Tumour Research and regularly helps to promote and raise awareness of the life-saving research being undertaken at our Centre of Excellence at Plymouth University. 


Read Katherine and Ben's full story here.

Mark Hunter MBE

Olympic rowing champion Mark Hunter MBE was among many in the athlete community saddened by the loss of a rowing colleague to a brain tumour in early 2013. Mark recognises the importance of our continuous brain tumour research programme, and is committed to supporting our work in funding the fight against brain tumours, helping us to raise the £7 million target needed to fund seven centres of research excellence across the UK. 

photography © www.richardbooth.co.uk


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