Conquer it Together


CHALLENGE yourself, your friends, your colleagues to help us raise £7 million to fund our four Centres of Excellence and establish three more.

When was the last time you challenged yourself mentally or physically? Now's your chance to take on a challenge AND raise awareness and funds for a great cause.

Step outside your comfort zone. Achieve a personal goal or realise a long-held ambition. Or you could organise a team event to reach new heights of endurance, crossing the finish line together at an extreme challenge. Or simply to have a fun afternoon with an egg and spoon race - great for the playground or family garden.

Test your organising skills, conquer a long-standing goal, overcome a deep-rooted phobia, banish a habit or push your body to the limit, increase your levels of fitness, lose weight, give up smoking, get active.

Set yourself a goal to generate hundreds of pounds in sponsorship, or if taking on a challenge as a group, why not set the bar to raise thousands! Go on - make a list of all the experiences which would make you and your friends proud or that will give you the biggest adrenalin rush of your life and conquer it. Together.

Here are some #ConqueritTogether challenges as 'a starter for 10' that you can do on your own or with friends in a group:

Raise £s and Shed lbs: Gather your friends, your colleagues, your gym classmates or even the pupils in your class and organise a physical event such as a walk around the park or local beauty spot, a cycle trail, a swimathon, a zumbathon or a run around the playground. 

Face Your Fears: You could raise money by conquering a personal fear or lifelong phobia. Perhaps you’re terrified of spiders or snakes and are determined to overcome this fear? You could participate in a close encounter with the ‘fearsome fiend’ at a zoo or wildlife park.

Have a Fear of Flying? Certain airlines run special courses designed to help you get up in the air by talking through your fears, providing factual reassurance, and the greatest achievement of all – taking a short flight.

Afraid of Heights? Challenge yourself and a team of colleagues or friends to climb a rock face or abseil down a tall local landmark. 

Exhilarating and Rewarding: Go for the ultimate thrill and bonding experience, take your sponsorship to a higher plane – do a bungee jump, parachute jump, paraglide, take a flight in a glider.

You might even find you become hooked on the excitement and start craving more and more challenges in life. Conquering a single fear can change your life and give fresh hope to others.

Set a goal, stretch yourself, overcome a fear, aim high, conquer it! Decide what you are going to do, how many are going to do it with you, publicise your challenge and obtain sponsorship.

Our Conquer it Together fundraising pack provides tools to help make your challenge event a success. The pack comprises downloadable posters, invitations and Gift Aid forms, as well as a template press release that you can tailor to your specific activity to ensure the widest publicity. 

Maximise your fundraising 

Set up a JustGiving Page: It’s very straightforward to set up your own (or a collective) JustGiving page, so that people can donate at the click of a button. And we can easily claim the Gift Aid back. Just visit and follow the simple steps to create your own page. Choose Brain Tumour Research as your charity and make sure you tell the story of why you’re fundraising, and then share it with all your friends and family, work colleagues et al to maximise your reach and fundraising efforts. 

Text to Donate: Set up your own unique JustTextGiving code via your JustGiving page and hand it out to all your friends and family. You could even add it to your email signature or online profiles. 

Be Daring: Dare to Donate is a fun, simple and modern way of raising money through JustGiving. It couldn’t be easier; download the app onto your phone or mobile device, link it up to your JustGiving page and start coming up with dares! Your friends, family and colleagues will be able to log on and chose a dare from ‘Mild’, ‘Risky’ or ‘Extreme’ in return for a donation relative to the level of dare!

Post, Tweet & Pin! Share your plans on yours and our social media pages to gain support. You could even create a Facebook event or board on Pinterest for inspiration!

Contact your local press to raise awareness of your event and you’ll be surprised at the level of support you’ll receive from the wider community.

You can register your interest in taking part at any time – just email your full contact details to or call on 01908 867200. 

Please keep in touch and let us know what you’re planning to conquer! Share your #ConqueritTogether news and photos with us on social media. 


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