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Brain tumours kill more children and adults under the age of 40 than any other cancer

Statistics reveal brain tumours have second worst survival rates

Recently released cancer survival statistics have revealed that brain tumours have a poorer survival rate than all other cancers except pancreatic.

Although a slight improvement on previous years, the five-year survival rate is still only 12.5% compared to having been 12% previously.

Within this, men have the poorest survival rate at 11.5%, compared to prostate where the survival rate is 87%, whilst the statistics for women are 14% for brain tumours compared to 86% for breast cancer.

Statistics for children are only shown at a total cancer level and five-year survival has improved from 76.9% in 2002 to 85.2% in 2020. As part of our campaigning agenda we seek to understand the statistics specifically for childhood brain tumours and will use parliamentary questions as a route to clarity.

Newly-appointed Director of Research, Policy and Innovation at Brain Tumour Research, Dr Karen Noble, explained: “This data gives forensic strength to our mantra that funding for research into brain tumours must increase and, alongside our own fundraising efforts, the Government needs to level up and bring parity with other cancers.”

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