Amanda Day


For months, doctors accused Amanda Day of lying and dismissed her symptoms as “growing pains” and migraines. In fact, the teenager had a life-threatening brain tumour which was overlooked countless times, even when it was clearly visible on a brain scan. A talented artist, Amanda is now studying for her A levels, and despite being told that the tumour will regrow, she is determined to achieve her potential and live life to the full.


“My life as a ‘normal’ teenager was over. I felt isolated and abandoned by my friends. It was painful to see on Facebook that my friends were out partying and I couldn’t be a part of that. During my treatment I lost lots of weight and watched as my long hair and eyebrows disappeared. I felt ugly and disgusting and refused to have my photograph taken. Instead, I drew a self-portrait of what I hoped to look like once it was over. I had come to terms with dying but I didn’t want to be stuck in a dead-end job and I was determined to get back to school. We know my tumour will grow back but no-one knows when. I keep my hair short now. It’s my war wound and I wear it like a trophy, which makes me proud of everything that I have been through.” Amanda tells her story...

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