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Our Retired Fundraising Groups

Our retired Fundraising Groups

Our Fundraising Groups are set up by families who have lost loved ones to brain tumours or have a loved one with a brain tumour diagnosis. Sometimes there comes a time when a family may wish to continue their work of raising awareness and funds, but in a less formal way.

We are grateful to all our Fundraising Groups, past and present, for the invaluable work they do within their communities to promote the brain tumour cause and make a difference in our mission to find a cure for all types of brain tumours.

The following are Fundraising Groups who have retired from active duty, but remain very much a part of our brain tumour community:

Officially Lisa Connell

This Fundraising Group was set up to raise awareness of brain tumours, to improve outcomes for brain tumour patients and, ultimately to help find a cure.

Lisa Connell, who set up the Group, was diagnosed with a meningioma aged 26, after falling pregnant; sadly, she lost the baby. Having undergone Gamma Knife Surgery and some years later, surgery and radiotherapy when the tumour was found to be growing, Lisa now lives with regular painful facial spasms. Lisa was told she couldn’t have children as meningiomas can grow dramatically in pregnant women due to hormonal change, but amazingly she now has a miracle child.

Read Lisa’s story by searching 'Lisa Connell' on our website.

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