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Our Patrons and Celebrities

Brain tumours kill more children and adults under the age of 40 than any other cancer

Our Patrons and Celebrities are helping us to help you

Using their credibility and stature, they raise valuable awareness, open doors to new opportunities and connections, and help with our fundraising and campaigning activities. They give up their precious time in order to set an example that people can follow.

Of course, and as you can appreciate, these ambassadors are incredibly busy individuals and we are very careful about the amount of times we pull on their generosity.

We ask our patrons and celebrities to get involved in key national events or to act as a spokesperson on our behalf.

John Bercow

John was elected as the 157th Speaker of the House of Commons on 22nd June 2009.  He has been the Member of Parliament for Buckingham since May 1997.

John was alerted to the plight of brain tumours in January 2004, by a constituent and was particularly touched by the stories of children. "There can surely be few more tragic or heartbreaking experiences than for a parent to discover that his or her child has a brain tumour."

John led the first-ever debate on brain tumours in the House of Commons and was shocked at how little attention had been paid to brain tumours before that. "I put it to the House that the issue of children with brain tumours is under- debated under-reported and under-funded. In this Parliament, the issue has attracted minimal— dare I say it, derisory—attention. There has been, not one adjournment debate until now, not one oral parliamentary question, and only two written parliamentary questions!"

Furthermore within the debate he went on to say: "While the media have justifiably devoted coverage to other cancers, they have seemingly overlooked the plight of children diagnosed with brain tumours, giving scant coverage to that plight. The apparent low incidence of this type of cancer, by comparison with other forms, has caused the brain tumour community to be poorly supported and funded."
John Bercow MP

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