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Together we will find a cure Donate

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In for a Penny

In for a Penny was set up after Glenn Karpel lost his beloved wife Penny on 15th September 2017. Penny had originally been diagnosed with a low grade brain tumour in 2009 after suffering a blackout. By October of 2016, Penny was experiencing significant mobility problems. Glenn, along with Penny’s daughters, Claire and Stefanie, looked everywhere to find a way to extend Penny’s life, but in the end they had to accept that there was no more treatment available. Devastatingly Penny slipped into a coma.  An agonising 12 days later, still at home and with her family by her side, Penny took her last breath.  
Shocked at the lack of options and angry that there seemed to be more investment and research into novel anti-cancer therapies happening in Europe, the United States and in Israel than in the UK, Glenn is passionate that more needs to be done to prevent brain tumour patients deteriorating to the stage when only palliative care and support can be offered and families can only wait for the inevitable to happen. He argues that the cost to society is also significantly more than an upfront investment in stopping the disease at the outset.

Read Penny’s story.
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